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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

San Clemente Surfboards Surfer girl

A new custom board for C.S.  She is one of the next generations of a stoked surfer.
It’s great to work with all ages and really get the boards dialed in for the individual and what they are looking to improve on for their surfing.

Custom Surfboards San Clemente by Paul Carter
C.S Custom Paul Carter Surfboard 11-2018
I have surfed with her dad Rob since we were kids and it’s awesime to design boards together for his daughter and Rob as well.

This is a great shot recently by her mother Amy which is capturing some great shots as Carolyn get used to her new board.

San Clemente Surfboards by Paul Carter
C.S hanging five on her new Paul Carter surfboard
11-2018 Photo A.S
Water shot give a great perspective of the water view when the surfer is facing directly to the camera.
C.S tip time on her new Paul Carter surfboard
11-2018-photo by B.E
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Sunday, November 18, 2018

SoCal Sunrise to Sunset by Surfer-Shaper-Artist Paul Carter

An early run down the road on a new journey to a place I have been going to since I started walking.

This was a spontaneous time capture that made me take a breath and truly take in the Scene that was taking place in front of me and changing by the second🎨
SoCal sunrise to Sano by Paul Carter
Sunrise to Sano by
Paul Carter 11-18

I try to see a sunrise and a sunset as often as possible and this was a beauty on many levels and the sun rays were awesome to see shining through the clouds.
SoCal sunset at Sano by Paul Carter
SoCal sunset at Sano by
Paul Carter

Slow down and breathe in the moments often because things change in a blink of an eye.

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

San Clemente Surfboards & Art custom made by Paul Carter

This is great shape for waves in the waist to head high and over head depending on ones abilities.

A custom hand shaped for Evan and Rod, I like to call this the T-Rex model.
This outline can be adjusted with many deminsions and thickness flows from rockers, rails and bottom contours for the individuals level of surfing wants and needs🗝
San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter 10-2018
Handshaped Hand Painted by Paul Carter 10-2018

In this video I give some shaping tips and a overview of the making of the 6’2 and a 9ft Board as well🇺🇸
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Keep creating and learning more than you’re ego and keep breaking the many chains of codependencies one at a time🗝🔓🌍🇺🇸

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sano surfing surfboards moonrise to sunset by Paul Carter

Parts on the path in the last two weeks, a time capsule of moments to remember on the journey.

A moonrise at Sano with shark on the shack and yes in the water.
Sano life moon rise by Paul Carter
Moonrise at Sano
By Paul Carter 10-18
This was a surprise from a good friend Mike Muir👍🏾
surfing Sano this month on one of the 3 days of off shore winds and a nice combo swell.

I am riding a fresh new 7’6 straight 3 fin and it is doing exactly what I shaped it for
Paul Carter surfing Sano 10-18
Paul Carter surfing Sano 10-18
Photo by Mike Muir 
The colors of this time of year are clean and clear and paintings in progress with each new day.
Sunset at Sano by Oaul Carter
Sunset at Sano by Paul Carter
A new custom 10ft handshaped for Bob on his Mexico trips.  This is set up with a 2+1 fin boxes and a nice clean blue design tint in the top and bottom.  I always enjoy drawing a custom surf scene and positive reminders to keep one on track.
Custom Surfboards all shapes and sizes by Paul Carter
Custom handshaped Surfboards another stoked customer
By Paul Carter 10-18

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sano surfers spontaneous art and surfboards by Paul Carter

Some spontaneous clips using a new lens attached to my iPhone.

Basic editing and please excuse the imperfections and I hope you enjoy it with positive thoughts and instentions👍🏾🗝

The change of the season and the natural beauty of the sunrise and the clouds is awesome.
SoCal sunrise San Onofre California by Paul Carter
Sano sunrise by Paul Carter 10-18

One of the new handshaped boards, with a custom abstract painting to give it a unique one of kind piece of wave riding art🎨

Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter Abstract artwork
San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter 10-18

Custom handshaped Surfboards since 1993 and original artwork since 2000🎨
Sanclemente Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter
Paul Carter Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter 10-18 
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Sunday, October 07, 2018

San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter

 I was inspired to paint this 7.5 inch fin for my new 8 foot board coming up in the next couple weeks.

This is a two-sided painting,  I call this (24 hour dream) showing the sun and the moon and a surfers dream set up and perspective🎨

This is clear coated with three coats of Liquitex varnish, so it’s sealed and ready to go in the ocean.
Side note always rinse off your board in fresh water when available🗝

Custom Surfboards & art by Paul Carter San Clemente
San Clemente Surfboards & Art
By Paul Carter
The shack is the logo for fins unlimited which I didn’t want to sand off👍🏼
If you look closely you will see made in the USA in white, which
I’m proud to see always🇺🇸
SoCal Artist Paul Carter San Clemente California
Custom Surfboards & Art
By Paul Carter 
This board is a 7’6 with 3 future fins set up.  I made this specifically for sano and trestles waves and it did not dissapoint me a couple days ago with a solid overheard swell👣👍🏽

The bottom Has a concave nose into flat into a a reverse double concave Vee off the tail.

It’s fast and loose when needed and with a 16.50 nose into 22 width and a 14.50 tail, with a nice thumb tail give this board a nice flowing outline for all types of waves.
Custom Surfboards & art all shapes and sizes by Paul Carter
San Clemente Surfboards & Art
By Paul Carter 
The image below is off of my new 8ft Board which is in line for glassing, which I am excited about.
Original abstract at on Surfboards by Paul Carter
Abstract & surf art by Paul Carter
San Clemente,Ca
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Monday, September 24, 2018

Custom San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter

San Clemente Surfboards custom made with original art both hand shaped and hand painted.

A time capsule from the past to the present of the thousands of surfboards I have handshaped since 1993 and the 100s of Surfboards & paintings since 2000.

I am writing this blog journal to capture my journey, because it is very easy to forget where we have come from,  and the courage it took and takes on this journey to learn by doing the work and to embrace the creative arts that I and we enjoy 🗝
San Clemente lifestyle Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter
Custom Surfboards by
by Paul Carter 

 When I look at this painting I can only imagine what it was like back then before the harbor, with the water men like Ron Drummond, Lauren Harrison, Pete Peterson, Mickey Munoz, Phil Edwards, Hobie Alter, and cast of many more, surfing sailing and living off the land for the select few who knew how.

This board was created for the SoCal woodie club along with an original canvas painting of the classic Dana Cove. 

It was for raising money through the raffles at one of the gatherings of the club with 100s of classic cars.

Dana Point painting and surfboard by Paul Carter
Dana Point 1950s
Painting and surfboard
by Paul Carter 
In this photo there are a combination of custom hand shaped and painted short boards ranging in many sizes and deminsions from 6ft to 6’10.    Each board is made for specific waves and the individuals wants and needs, along with custom paintings and for customers and for art shows.

Surfboards and art custom in all shapes and sizes by Paul Carter
San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter

 Let me know your comments or questions and feel free to reach out for you’re next custom surfboard or artwork and to learn about the optimun  Vine ripened Whole Foods foundation I use everyday to fuel a healthy lifestyle. 

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I look forward to meeting and talking with you and I thank each of you for following my journey

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