Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hand painted teeshirts by Paul Carter

I am driven by inspiration to create and the more I embrace it the more I enjoy it.

I have been painting since 2000 and this is a new avenue of creativity for me and I am enjoying the process of learning and painting on these teeshirts for men and women. 

Original artwork by Paul Carter
Painted teeshirt  By Paul Carter

I like to add positive  Reminders to the artwork for myself to stay focused and my intention is to help everyone that resonates with my heart and my art.

Original artwork teeshirt
By Paul Carter

This is a two side painted for a client in Arizona, all of my art is freehand painting never traced and all original artwork.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Painting a surfboard fin Paul Carter

This is one of two hand painted surfboard fins called 24 hour dream. 
A two sided fin showing the moon and the sun with a surfers perspective from my travels around the planet and growing up in Southern California.

I am reminded daily of the power of the mind and nutrition and staying focused on those dreams and goals and doing the work daily is the only way things with change.

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Stay stoked and inspired.

24 hour dream painted fin Paul Carter
Painted fin by Paul Carter
24 hour dream painting
Painted fin by Paul Carter

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

24 hour dream painting by Paul Carter

24 hour surf dream painting from my imagination and the inspiration from my travels around the planet.
As you see on this scrap piece of wood I started with archyval ink and went over it with paint pens. 

24 hour dream
By Paul Carter
Tropical dream painting
By Paul Carter

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Growing organic urban gardening PaulCarter

These systems are pretty amazing from the option to grow 20 to 36 plants in 2.5ft of space is pretty cool to say the least.  
I have been growing with two of these for over 3 years now and the maintenance is filling it with water once a week during the summer months to basic tips like picking any dead leaves off and wiping down the tower once a week.  In short I spend maybe between 10 to 20 minutes once or twice a week because of having two towers. 

Was at a recent conference about health and nutrition and how the body heals and grows through recovery and repair with micronutrition, which is key. 

Grow organic easy
Grow organic daily

by Paul Carter
Take a look at this video I put together on growing organic tips

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Drawings on the journey artist Paul Carter Art #030

Drawings on the journey in SoCal by Paul Carter a time lapse of some of the beautiful beaches creating some tropical art on wood and abstract paintings.

Enjoying the moment and learning by doing the work with positive intentions to inspire you and future generations to a healthier exciting life, living a healthy creative lifestyle by choice not chance.

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a time capsule of art SoCal Paul Carter
drawing on cement
by Paul Carter 3-17

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hand painted surfboards by Paul Carter

A time capsule of a hand shaped and hand
Painted surfboard from my painting journey. 
I started shaping surfboard in 1993 and shaped thousands of boards before I started painting them let alone painting period.  
I was inspired in 2000-2001 to start painting little did I know when I started shaping I would be painting these boards for homes and business around the planet many years later.
Like in sports or any type of skill the only way one learns is by doing the work the activity consistently.  
There hundreds and thousands of more talented artist out there but the difference is I'm
Doing the work and more importantly I'm stoked on the process and putting my art out there without worrying what people thinks, which is not easy in the beginning stages. 
PaulCarter surfboards & art
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Howto Drawing tips at sano San Clemente Paul Carter #028

Drawing tips at sano with a time lapse ink drawing from my imaginations and the travels around the planet.

I am finding the importance of keeping that creative balance from the inside out is key, and using the left and ride sides of the brain to stay fit and stoked on a healthy lifestyle.
A reminder for all of us that balance is a mental, nutritional, spiritual, physical journey and each is important to the other.  Health is a daily choice not chance.

how to draw tips Paul Carter
Surf Art Drawing
by Paul Carter
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