Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Inspired art on the journey by Paul Carter

A spontaneous vlog of some of the inspired original artwork.

Art is a meditation a therapy a healing process,  if you one will embrace the moment fully and let the right and left brain and give the body time to relax and escape into your dreams.
San Clemente Artist Paul Carter
Original Artwork
by Paul Carter

Surf art surfboards by Paul Carter
Custom surfboards artwork by
Paul Carter
Keep creating keep taking the steps, get more disciplined and do the consistent activities that will make you grow forward daily.

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Getting grounded for health and creativity lifestyle Paul Carter #045

The power of getting grounded is real and I know now more than ever why being in the water has been such an empowering healing of releasing and renewing of the mind, spirit, body and soul for me and many other for years.
It is very important to have a solid nutritional foundation that is backed by clinical research studies that builds healthy cells through recovery and repair by getting into the bloodstream not go right through the body as the majority of isolated vitamins do, hence the amazing colors that go down the toilet.
health tips
get grounded
by Paul Carter
positive health tips
Take the steps daily
by Paul Carter
Thanks for checking in and let me know if you have any questions on the art and how to get started with a simple solid nutritional daily foundation. 

Monday, January 08, 2018

Take the daily steps to health

Taking the healthy daily steps is key for the mind, spirit, body and soul in order
To truly grow forward one has to be willing and  disciplined to do the work constantly.
Healthy steps daily
By Paul Carter
An abstract art designs as a reminder for myself and I hope for you the importance of goals and positive proactivety.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Desert inspired art by Paul Carter #044

                         Exploring the many different climates on this amazing planet called Earth.

Some of the inspired art from a recent trip to the beautiful California desert with the many colors from sunrise to sunset and everything in between.

Desert inspired art by Paul Carter
Desert inspired art
Paul Carter
In this video you will see some of the amazing yuka trees and the many plants and some insects on the journey.

The peace and quiet of the desert is an emotional journey from the inside out, from the high paced activities living in Southern California or anywhere for that matter,  it's all based on one's choices depending on the conditioning and what we think are priorities.

A painting a started to cover one of the water tanks needed to live in the desert to be self sufficient and self contained in this diverse environment.
painting the desert by Paul Carter
desert art
by Paul Carter
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My journey to learn and live and educate in order to grow forward from the inside out and to inspire all ages to live a healthy quality lifestyle as a health guide to simplify the steps to optimum health and nutrition for the Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul daily.

Monday, December 11, 2017

How to draw a surfboard mural by Paul Carter

My shaping journey began in 1993 learning on a skill100 door planer.

I learned a great foundation of shaping by numbers with the guidance of the master craftsmen Steve Bahne of infinity surfboards.  It has been a learning process everyday.

I shaped every board by hand and in 2008 I just broke the 6000 board mark in all shapes and sizes from longboards to mid range to short boards, I surfed and shaped about every design out there from single fin to twin, 3 -4-5 fin boards which really helped with the whole custom boards designs for all ages.

As you will see in the video There is a creative design process of drawing surfboard to a tropical surf scene as shown in the color image.

Surfboards &a art by Paul Carter
Surfboards art
Paul Carter


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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Inspired Abstract Surf Art by Paul Carter #043

Inspired abstract art with positive reminders for the journey of life.

It is key to be fully aware of morning healthy rituals that feed the mind, spirit, body and soul.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Abstract art writing painting journey by Paul Carter

A abstract painting from the past to the present,  a journey of clearing the mind and sitting down and writing out all the old conditioned thoughts into all the positives in and around me.

 When you look at the painting you will see the small pieces of paper that I cut up and pasted them onto the white canvas then painted over them. 

 When I first started doing these mind cleansing writings around 2010-11 the first 3 to 4 sessions were an emotional journey of releasing many layers of the negative conditioning that we all have one layer or another.

(Waves of change)
Abstract art painting writing
Abstract wave painting by
Paul Carter
Keep in mind when or if you decide to do this process it is between you and God and the universe or whoever you believe in and is for your eyes only, unless you choose otherwise.

The first two or three I shredded and burned the writings to release and let go of the old stuff, it's your choice.

In closing in this painting it was the beginning of all of the positive thoughts and words.  I was inspired to paint this wave recently in the month of 10-2017

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