Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dana point painting & Surfboard murals by Pail Carter

A custom hand shaped and hand painted surfboard of classic Dana Point, Dana Cove for the south coast woodie club.
Dana Point SoCal woodie club surfboard painting Paul Carter
Dana Point painting surfboard mural hy Paul Carter
Surf dream murals on a custom hand shaped surfboards.  
The shortboard mural paintings are available on wood with the sizes ranging from 3ft up to 7ft which is a great option.

Surf murals surfboards art by Paul Carter
Hand shaped hand painted surfboard mural
By Paul Carter
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Inspired art with positive healthy reminders by Paul Carter #048

Inspired art with positive reminders by Paul Carter

Drawing and creating is something that I have come to realize is healthy on a few levels and it activates the right and left side of the brain and keeps my imagination open and focused on the positive thoughts and the memories and energy alive.

I have learned how to surf by doing,  I have learned how to shape surfboards by doing how to draw and paint tropical surf scenes by doing,  the only way we learn anything is by doing the activity with consistency day after day depending on how good you want to get.

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Keep creating and never compare yourself with anyone.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Abstract inspired art & positive reminders Paul Carter

A mother’s day spontaneous abstract art piece for all the mother’s that paved the way for each of us today.
Abstract art with positive reminders Paul Carter
Abstract art mother day
By PaulCarter

Focus on the fire within,  in others words keep the positive focus and the fire stoked with healthy small, medium and large goals.  Some are daily into weekly to monthly to quarterly to yearly, you get the point.
Inspired art with positive reminders Paul Carter
Positive art reminders
By Paul Carter 
Keep creating and stay consistent with anything and everything you want to improve on.

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How to draw and color waves tips Paul Carter #050

How to draw and color waves from your mind from your travels around the planet put them on paper and enjoy the journey and health benefits of creating art of any kind.

From the dreams to pencil to ink to color every sketch or drawing is a journey in itself from the imagination and the memories of reveling around the planet and Surfing perfect waves at times.

In order to enjoy a quality life the two main keys are nutrition and lifestyle and the third is the awareness of stress.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

San Onofre time capsule April 2018

A time capsule at Sano with Pete with the newly tuned up and painted wind vain designed and originally made by Jim-finger-mill-Irwin the chick Hearn of the Sano surf contest for decades.
Sano shack wind vain
Pete putting up the Jim finger-mill Irwin windvain
Sano 4-18
 These photos we each taken the last week of April 2018 a time capsule of the days at Sano and the people and rides in and out of the water.
A day at Sano
San Onofre MT
Here is a classic time travel of board and vehicle which both are fully functional and in use this day in 2018

A day at Sano Onofre 4-18
Sano Mr Hops driver and wave rider

Please respect the beach and your fellow surfers and pack your trash and leave the mental trash on the beach when Surfing and look before your take off and share the waves and give a wave often.

Friday, April 20, 2018

How to draw surf art by Paul Carter

Hello thanks for checking out the latest on the journey.

From pencil to ink to paint it all starts with the inspiration and acting on it when inspired.

Here is a quick clip of an upcoming video on drawing and painting surf art, which will be up on youtube within the next 3-7 days.

Drawing surf art
By Paul Carter
I recent shot of a 10’2 with a custom Clark foam blank made in 1999 handshaped.

I was meeting the new owner of this classic style longboard and thought a photo on the infamous Dana Point pier would be great.

Custom Surfboards SoCal Dana Point by Paul Carter
Handshaped by Paul Carter
Dana Point pier 4-18

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Focused through the clouds & art by Paul Carter

 I’m reminded on this cool morning on April 14, 2018 the importance  at staying focus through the clouds.

I am looking out the back windows of this van with the waves around 1 to 2 maybe 3 foot peaky conditions and people sitting waiting for their waves contemplating life and whatever’s going on in their mind.

Positive daily reminders by Paul Carter
Focused through the clouds
By Paul Carter
 I think to myself the importance of keeping life simple and not go down the rabbit hole and the rat race of buying stuff and all of the conditioning from growing up however that was for you.

We are living in a unique time of a age where every individual who has a smart phone now has the the option for their own media center and of course the library of endless information and knowledge which is amazing to say the least..

 I feel that if more people would live in a van for six months to a year or two or three years or a tiny home they would get a healthier clearer perspective and respect for themselves and living a minimalist life with the simple necessities to thrive and enjoy a healthy quality lifestyle not simply survive.
Draw your surf dreams By Paul Carter
Surf dream drawing
By Paul Carter 
Life is a mental, nutritional, spiritual and physical daily choice and journey to choose the healthy rituals and the healthy nutrition to keep the body and the mind working correctly to enjoy a healthy quality lifestyle.

I spent 24 years hand shaping thousands of surfboards and in the last 2 to 3 years and I realized my true passion and purpose, which is to help more people find thier happiness but more importantly to find true health through optimum daily nutrition to enjoy and create the healthy life we each want to enjoy,

We only know what we know until we learn more than we know- Paul Carter