Monday, April 17, 2017

Hand painted surfboards by Paul Carter

A time capsule of a hand shaped and hand
Painted surfboard from my painting journey. 
I started shaping surfboard in 1993 and shaped thousands of boards before I started painting them let alone painting period.  
I was inspired in 2000-2001 to start painting little did I know when I started shaping I would be painting these boards for homes and business around the planet many years later.
Like in sports or any type of skill the only way one learns is by doing the work the activity consistently.  
There hundreds and thousands of more talented artist out there but the difference is I'm
Doing the work and more importantly I'm stoked on the process and putting my art out there without worrying what people thinks, which is not easy in the beginning stages. 
PaulCarter surfboards & art
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Howto Drawing tips at sano San Clemente Paul Carter #028

Drawing tips at sano with a time lapse ink drawing from my imaginations and the travels around the planet.

I am finding the importance of keeping that creative balance from the inside out is key, and using the left and ride sides of the brain to stay fit and stoked on a healthy lifestyle.
A reminder for all of us that balance is a mental, nutritional, spiritual, physical journey and each is important to the other.  Health is a daily choice not chance.

how to draw tips Paul Carter
Surf Art Drawing
by Paul Carter
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

SoCal surf art Palo santo Paul Carter

This is a sketch using Palo santo wood as is without sharpening the wood but burning it amd drawing the old ways of art.

This is a spontaneous sketch from my imagination of the many images and places I have seen around the planet.

Drawing with palo santo
By Paul Carter
Keep creating and enjoy the process of learning by doing the work.

Thanks for your positive intentions and attention.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Inspired in laguna beach

Laguna beach is a great place to get inspired on many levels.  This day was a beautiful sunny day I was looking to do some drawings and enjoy the day.  The importance of being in the moment with conscious deep breathing to stay grounded and really take in all the landacape and Cozy coves to enjoy the beach and get into the drawing or painting,  
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Laguna drawing Paul Carter
Laguna beach by Paul Carter

Have a great day focus on the good thoughts and pictures and  embrace the inspired creativity with consistency. 
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Focus & breathe drawing Palo santo

A drawing using Palo santo wood simply by burning it and going for it without sharpening the wood other than burning it.  A positive reminder to myself and all of us, to stay focused and do the work daily to grow forward not simply go forward.
Paul Carter drawing
Palo santo wood

Monday, February 27, 2017

Taking steps to health drawing by Paul Carter

Taking steps towards health each day is key.  This drawing goes back to another life time in 2007 and the steps I have taken since then have changed my life from the inside out on many levels.

This is a some of what I have learned from the inspiration of God,  This is not about religion it is  about a relationship with the unconditional love and inspiration and strength and courage and everything positive I trust through faith to believe and take the steps daily and do the work with the inspired creativity I receive and do something useful with my hands Eph-4-v-28
It is mental, nutritional, spiritual and physical balance each is connected and affects the other.  I know from trial and error the importance of having a daily morning ritual is key for me to stay grounded and focused and clear before I get into life's responsibilities. 

To be continued====

Health tips Health steps
stairway to health drawing
by Paul Carter

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Drawing with palo santo wood by Paul Carter

Drawing with palo santo wood by burning the wood and by turning it as I am drawing it eventually gets sharper.  I know what your thinking why don't I simply sharpening the wood?
I thought about that but the ritual of burning the wood and drawing is a journey in itself simply by doing the activity and the work is key to learning.

This drawing is part reality of growing up and my travels around the planet and the memories and imagination from my mind in a spontaneous inspired creation. 
This drawing was shortly after a morning balance breathing session to get grounded and clear before I start my day.  if you would like to know more about my daily rituals send email to or 949-370-5807 and I look forward to talking with you. 
Thanks for checking in