Sunday, September 28, 2014

Healthy Foods for Children is key

Healthy whole foods for children is key and very important in many ways as we grow into adulthood.  I know more then ever how I feel on live foods and very little dead foods.  I can say from experience that having a whole foods foundation effects everything from energy to healing to strength to sleeping and having a healthy clear mind for positive thinking. 

It's great to see a company dedicated to over a 180,000 children's health studies and growing every week.
Click on the link below and see what this company is doing for the future generations.
Juice Plus for Kids: Part of a Healthy Diet for Children

I have not been sick for over a year and a half now going on two years because of the whole foods foundation of Juiceplus.  
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Tower Garden 4-week time-lapse video

Have you ever wanted to grow your own fresh organic herbs veggies and fruits well this is as simple as it gets for your home or business.

It grows by aeroponics which is no soil only water and nutrients and the power of the sun.

In this video you will see how quickly these plants grow and with one tower depending on how tall you go can grow enough for a family of 4 to eat something fresh 2 to 4 times a week.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Healthy Healing Whole Foods

A couple of years ago I was out surfing and was a bit too relaxed doing a floater with no speed.  Well lets just say I will not be doing that again.  I came down and hyperextended my right knee and it was not good to say the least,I literally had to crawl up the beach.

I put some ice on it very quickly and by the next day it had almost doubled in size.   The next few weeks I could barely walk on it without a cane or crutch and the pain was pretty strong those first few weeks.

I have tried to many supplements,vitamins and protein powders to list.  These are whole foods not a supplement or a vitamin.  I am very confident I have found the perfect combination of over 40 fruits vegetables,berries and grains for a solid foundation which I use daily, and is the major factor in healing my knee back to 100%.

Certified and tested by NSF free of all Herbicides,Pesticides,Hormones and E.CoLi

Certified Whole Foods

           This video is a great overview of the power of whole foods.

My Health is my top priority, I hope yours is to.
I am stoked and passionate about sharing my experienceses with you.

The clearer the mind gets the stronger the connection to the infinite unlimited imagination of creativity. (PC)

It's starts mentally spiritually and physically by the Food one Feeds all Three.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shortboards surfboards San Clemente Paul Carter

A new shortboard and a comparison on the two shapes.
On the left a 5'11 by 19.75 both are 2.38 thick,the board on the right is a 5'9 by 21.
I have been riding the 5'9 in knee to chest high surf and I'm very stoked with the speed it carries through the flat sections with more then enough speed for quick or carving turns and slide when you want it.

handshaped sc surfboards

I wanted to make a board for chest high to overhead surf that has a similar curve with a bit less volume all the way around.
Custom Handshaped surfboards in all shapes and sizes since 1993. 
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Enjoy today 

The art of hanshaped surfboards San Clemente

The art scultping of Handshaped surfboards in San Clemente has many roots all the way back to the first surf shop of Velzy Jacabs in the late 50s.

The shop was located on north el camino real were the Aussie dogs is now just up from another shop with roots and fellow shaper Timmy Patterson.

There is a lot of history in SC with shops that have come and moved on such as infinity were the catalyst shop or lost surfboards is now off pico on the ocean side.
That shop was home to Rick James surfboards,Herbie Fletcher and many more. 

I think of Midget smith with whom I shared a shaping room with for 3 years. Midget was a great surfer and shaper and fun to surf with I always enjoyed talking with midget.
I'm  told he had a shop down by the sc pier in the late 70s.

The shops that followed were also started by fellow hand shapers such as Brian Clark of BC surfboards just north of del mar street. 

Stewarts shop is another shop at the south end of El Camino Real both here and Brian are in the craftsmen category and both good surfers.

I will expand further on the many shapers in San Clemente from the past to the present.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Shaping San Clemente Surfboards Paul Carter

This video gives a bit of my story on this journey through life as a Surfer Shaper Artist.

I was interviewed at the shop and then we went to the shaping room.

I'm stoked and inspired on this new time capsule video. 
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Specializing is custom HandShaped Surfboards in all shapes and sizes since 1993.

I'm available for your next custom Surfboards and Sup boards. Email or 949-361-5885.

I'm slowly and steadily building inventory for bashams at 213 los molinos off pico, They are open 6 days a week stop in and check out the variety of boards that I will continue to expand on.

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A great incite of the journey of a Hand Shaper since 1993
Hand Shaping Surfboards Paul Carter

Sunday, June 29, 2014

San Clemente Surfboards review Paul Carter

A quick over view of some of the latest hand shaped surfboards by Paul Carter
Paul Carter Handshaped Surfboards

Here is a quick surfboard review on a latest batch of hand shaped short boards.

A nice variety of boards for all types of surf and surfing for two foot to 6 to 8 foot.

One of the boards is a fun small wave board that i'm really stoked about for the paddling and speed and maneuverability.

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