Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You cant give away what you don't have

Think about this for a few minutes and you will understand. What one thinks is what ones attracts. the past is nothing more than a wake left behind. Let go of ego and enjoy your life.
Enjoy today people.

growing with the flow

Are you going with the flow or are your growing with the flow? Think about this for a minute or three and ask yourself. Everything is a choice and every time we choose to break negative thoughts, habits, or patterns we energize ourselves and each other we positive energy it's that simple. So what are YOU going to choose today not tomorrow.
Stay tuned for more info on San Clemente surfboards and art. The floor is next and then set up for surfboards, tee shirts,painting,greeting cards,and prints to start with.
Have a great day people and if it does not flow then it does not grow.