Monday, January 27, 2020

Custom Fish & fun board San Clemente by Paul Carter

Custom surfboards and artwork since 1993 by a surfer shaped artist

A fish in motion a completed project for wave riding.  This will be glasses with a nice maroon resign tint, and two wood glass on fins.    

This style of board can be made in many dimensions specifically fir the individuals size weight and surfing ability.

San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter
Paul Carter Surfboards 2020 San Clemente 

A nice swallow tail not to deep or wide for a good all around wave rider.
Surfboards & art by Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter
Custom Surfboards by Paul Carter -2020

Here is a 8 foot board for all types of waves from waist high to over head.
Surfboards by Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter 2020
ahaoing usblanks by Paul Carter 2020