Friday, April 27, 2018

San Onofre time capsule April 2018

A time capsule at Sano with Pete with the newly tuned up and painted wind vain designed and originally made by Jim-finger-mill-Irwin the chick Hearn of the Sano surf contest for decades.
Sano shack wind vain
Pete putting up the Jim finger-mill Irwin windvain
Sano 4-18
 These photos we each taken the last week of April 2018 a time capsule of the days at Sano and the people and rides in and out of the water.
A day at Sano
San Onofre MT
Here is a classic time travel of board and vehicle which both are fully functional and in use this day in 2018

A day at Sano Onofre 4-18
Sano Mr Hops driver and wave rider

Please respect the beach and your fellow surfers and pack your trash and leave the mental trash on the beach when Surfing and look before your take off and share the waves and give a wave often.