Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Riding the waves through 2008

Riding the waves through 2008.  Allot of change has happened for me reopening my new San Clemente Surfboards & Art gallery to the many trials and triumps that have made me grow forward in so many ways.  I believe we can either go forward and repeat all the negative thoughts hapits and patterns or we can break them one at a time and continue to grow forward through life.  Everything is a choice and I realize that living in the moment is the only way to do this one day at a time not worrying about the past or the future simply enjoying the present one wave at a time.  Have a great new year in 2009 and thank you to all the friends and family. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Come see Nixon saved Trestles

Trestles saved stop by and get your photo of Nixon.  We do need alternative roads but do we need thousands of more houses in a already overpopulated orange county?  Have a great Xmass  What we think and feel becomes real so think twice when you have something negative to say or think.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Toll Road Surfing in San Clemente

Toll Road Rejected on Appeal

December 18, 2008 Print

NOAA News Release
The Department of Commerce today upheld the California Coastal Commission’s objection to a proposal to construct a 16-mile toll road connecting California state Route 241 to Interstate 5 in southern Orange and northern San Diego counties.
The commission objected to the proposed project under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) on the grounds that the toll road was not consistent with the state’s coastal zone management program. Under the CZMA, federal agencies may not issue any permits required for a project if a state has objected, unless the Department of Commerce, on appeal, overrides the objection.
The Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) appealed the commission’s objection to the Department of Commerce in February, triggering an administrative review process that involved written briefs and arguments by the parties, input from interested federal agencies, tens of thousands of written comments from the public, and a 10-hour public hearing in San Diego County.
Under the CZMA, the department may override an objection onlyif no reasonable alternative to the project exists and the proposal is consistent with the objectives of the CZMA, or if the project is necessary in the interest of national security. The department determined that there is at least one reasonable alternative to the project. The department also found that the project is not necessary in the interest of national security.
TCA may pursue another route for its proposed toll road that the commission determines is consistent with California’s coastal zone management program, and TCA is not limited to the alternative proposal described in the department’s decision.
Since the enactment of the CZMA in 1972, the department has acted on 43 appeals, upholding 29 objections by state agencies and overriding 14.
NOAA understands and predicts changes in the Earth's environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages our coastal and marine resources.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Surboard Art by Paul Carter San Clemente Ca

This is one of two commission for diedrich coffee house between 03 and 04 is when i really got inspired to paint surfboards.  The design I came up with was a combination of a poster for one of there coffee brands.  There is a full view on my website under art boards.  The board was hanging in there Malibu store for about three years until they sold to Starbucks.  I got a email from guy who purchased the board from someone and he contacted me and the rest is history he stopped by my store, and I traded him  a board for a board.  The board is now hanging in San Clemente Surfboards & Art.  I'm stoked to get back one of the first half dozen surfboards I ever painted a mural on.  Stop by anytime people if you have any question or would like to simply come in and check out surfboard art and the many painting,prints and custom surfboards on display.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs stay stoked and stay balanced and enjoy the ride of life one day one wave at a time.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

RD on a San Clemente Surfboard

I have recently been riding a 7'2 by 21.25 wide by 2.50 thick. This Surfboard was originally made for a guy weighing 200 pounds. This is wide tail in the 15 range rounded squash. The nose comes in at 16.75 round nose. As for the fin set up it is quad fin or four fin if you like that word instead. I rode the board in waste to head high and I was stoked on the speed it generated not only off the tail but also being able to move up to center of the board and generate speed through the speed sections of the waves like trestles. This is a Surfboard that one can even hang five on with total control through long sections as well. If you have the balance and confidants you can even hang a ten on the nose. I will work on getting a photo soon of this board and another magic 6ft I've been riding. As for this four fin Surfboard I'm excited about shaping new board in all different size from 6ft to 8ft for kids and adults that want the paddle and the flow and the speed in one all around board which is also made with the center box so every fin set up is covered from the fish to twin with a small trailer to the three fin into the four fin set up. I test ride each new design myself before recommending them to anyone. Have a great day and enjoy the ride of life today.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving on your path through life 2008

Thanksgiving day 2008 what are you thankful for in your life? In this high paced world we live in it is very important to slow down and take some deep breaths and let go of all the negative conditioned thoughts we all have in our minds. I wanted to say thank you to each and every individual from friends to family to the many new people I have met through the new San Clemente Surfboards & Art gallery thank you very much for all your support. Enjoy this day and more importantly we all should be thankful each and everyday we are on this earth. Choose your own path to follow it is your journey.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter

This is a 6'2 by 19.75 and just under 2.50 thick.  This is a great board for point breaks and reef breaks.  This is a outline from the 80 to the 90s with a modern tail rocker.  The bottom is a single concave into a slight vee off the tale to keep the turns fast and flowing in the pocket of the wave.  This is the last one of three I shaped for the store. If you want a surfboard that will paddle and go as fast as you can at trestles then this is the board for you. I can shape any style Surfboard you are looking for. San Clemente Surfboards are all tested and ridden from myself to the many team riders on our growing team.  Come in and talk over your next custom, stock or used San Clemente Surfboard.  I'm consistently out in the water Surfing on new shapes and designs.  When ego is lost limit is lost-WD-

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards New & Used

We have a great selection of used Surfboards from longboards to shortboards come in and check them out before they are gone. From high performance short boards to longboards. Prices starting as low as $150.00 for short boards.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surfing lowers on a San Clemente Surfboard

This was another beautiful day at the end of sepetmber with my friend Mike shooting.  This surfboard is a 6'4 round pin by 19 and 2.3/8 thick. This is a surfboard that works great in the power pocket of the wave.  The swell was running about 3 to 5 and great shape.  Ive since shaped two new surfboards and I'm currently selling this surfboard and a couple of others to keep the surfboards growing forward into the simple improvment for myself for you the customer.  Thanks for checking out my blog and website check in for the latest.  Come check all of the new and used surfboard.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shaping Surfboards and Surfing in San Clemente

This was in september of 08 with my good friend Mike at lowers.  This board is the third generation off one of my favorite boards I have  surfed for over 8 years.  This is a 6'6 by 19.25 by 2.50 thick.  I grew up riding longboards and everything in between.  This board was a bit thick for my weight but it had plenty of drive and speed through the the slow sections.  In this photo I'm doing a speed check turn to set up for a drawn out bottom turn into the next section.  Speed and timing is the key to solid turns.  All of the surfboards used in the photo's are available and I'm in constant research and development with new boards on the way.  So stop by San Clemente Surfboards & Art  gallery and check out the boards.  I specialize in custom shaped Surfboards of all shapes and size's.  Stay tuned for more photo's to come.  

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Surfing Lowers on San Clemente Surfboards

This is on a board Ive been riding for over eight years and I like to break it out when I'm in the developing stage for new boards.  This particular board is a 6'5 by 19.25 by 2.3/8 thick.  This board is very simple and very smooth with a flat bottom with slight vee off the tail.  It is 13.75 into a square tail.  This was a very good day and the waves were great for three days straight.  Stay tuned more photos to follow.  Ive shaped two new boards since with different bottom contours and dimensions.  Remember only focus on what you want in life.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Surfing Lowers on San Clemente Surfboards

Surfing Lowers on San Clemente SurfboardsThis is a research and development day at trestles on my new San Clemente Surfboard.  I met up with my good friend mike aka chewy at 7ish at my store. This day I was feeling like riding a round pin so I picked out a 6'5 three fin by either 19.25 wide or maybe 19 and at least 2.3/8 thick.  We drove down El Camino Real to basilone to check it out and it was Id say 4 to 6ft swell happening at the infamous trestles skate park. The crowd was not to bad when the swell is pretty consistent.  Forgive me for the short blog but this is my first photo of many many different shots from surfing to surfboards to shaping to art.  So stay tuned for the next blog and remember what we think and feel becomes real.   

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October swell 2008

Don't know how many of you people surfed last week but it was as good in south orange county.  For three days straight we had some amazing days that I know I wont forget.  I know one thing for sure when the waves are up surfers are energized to new levels.  The crowds were much less due to the amazing surf from the beach breaks to the point breaks.  Just wanted to remind everyone the surfing is a way of life so enjoy the ride and respect the beach and each other.
New boards in production for the winter swells.  What we think and feel becomes real so with that being said only focus on what you want and don't take life to serious.

Friday, September 19, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards Team is growing

Thank you to the many team riders and congratulations to Noah and Jacob and Eric, Derrick and all of the team riders for your great results in the sano and the Oceanside contests.  It was great for me to be back in the sano contest in over ten years I always enjoy seeing all the guys and gals Ive been fortunate to surf with for so many years.  I felt the spirit of Eric and frank hop's and midget smith and MJ and Les Williams so many great people have been part of sano.  Bob and Tom and and the men and women and children that help put the annual club contest on you did a great job and thank you for letting me be a part of the magical experience of sano.
Enjoy the ride of like one wave a one day at a time.  
I will be excepting resumes for new team riders in our short board section so stop by and we can talk.  Remember it doesn't matter what you ride we all all surfers period.  Respect the beach and respect each other in and out of the water.

What we think and feel becomes real

What we think and feel becomes real.  When you think of someone you haven't spoken to for awhile and then they call is a simple example of how powerful our thoughts really are.  So with that being said I was remind this last couple of weeks on how quickly life can change from positive to negative.  I realized speaking for myself if you people get it or not how important it is to pray or meditate when I go to sleep and when I wake up the next day.  I surf because it is something a love to do and it gives me the  energy and clarity of what life is all about happiness.  I shape surfboards and paint for the same reasons they all open up my mind and keep me balanced to be more creative and most importantly happiness.  This might be a bit much for you ego driven people to except and realize how simple life really is when you let go of ego.  Yes I admit I went through many years of the ego trip until I realized how much time and energy it took away from the simple pleasures in life like pure happiness ego free. So thank you to all my friend and family and new friends to come for all of your support with my new surfboard gallery.  We can only live our lives in the moment one day at a time so focus on only what you want and enjoy the ride. Like I say if your just looking for a deal, don't waste my time what I give money can't buy.  I build boards to the individuals ability so I want sell you a board you can't ride. THANKS

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Midget Smith Surfer/Shaper/Artist 8-2008

Today we have lost a very unique friend mentor and all around good man.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share a room with midget for about three years before I moved into my own room.  Sharing a room with midget was like the young grasshopper experience for me.  I learned so many things from midget not just shaping but life itself.  Midget was a rare bread of a guy who whenever I had a question about shaping he would always stop and tell me what he thought.   I will miss you Midget as will many many people that have had the opportunity to have known him.  He shaped me many boards way before I ever thought about shaping all the way back to Rocky's shop in shore cliffs. My thoughts and sympathy go out to all of the family and friends to midget.  He is truly free and is one guy I'm very thankful to have known for so many years.  I will see you again midget as well as everyone else when it's our time to move on.  Thank you Midget for your good energy I will miss seeing you shaping and surfing but knowing you are free gives me much comfort knowing i will see you and all of my friends and family again someday.

san Clemente Surfboards & Art summer of 2008

Time flies when the waves are fun and the water and weather is warm. I'm stoked to be back and carry on the roots from the past surfers and shapers and artist. Thank you to each and every individual who has supported San Clemente Surfboards & Art through surfboards, tee shirts, art etc. With all of the positive energy and support I stay motivated to keep creating. Life is very short and I'm reminded each day to enjoy the moment and pace myself. Life is not a sprint but a marathon one day at a time. I'm a believer that what we think and feel becomes real and we get what we give. With that being said don't play the victim roll in life instead break the negative cycles we all have and turn them into positive cycles. The more we do that the happier life is. If something doesn't feel good then don't do it. As I like to say enjoy the ride of life today not tomorrow. In closing respect everyone and everything in and out of the water.  Please pick up your trash and respect the earth.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards & Art

We just got in new greeting cards in packs of six or individual.  Also have 11/14 matted and framed prints or without.   Surf is up and so are the crowds, so looks twice and never depend on your leash.   Thank you to every person that has taken the time to come in my new surf gallery and to all those who have purchased boards, art or tees etc. I appreciate all of the good energy.  Thank you for supporting the native born Californian.  When your ready for a custom surfboard shaped for your weight and needs take advantage of talking to me the shaper.  My boards are made in the USA.  Last note if your only looking for the best price in town don't waste my time.  If you want an affordable surfboard that is made for your weight and ability then come in and see me.
Have a great day and live in the moment and enjoy the ride today.

Monday, June 23, 2008

San Clemente SurfBoards & Art: San Clemente Surfboards & Art

San Clemente SurfBoards & Art: San Clemente Surfboards & Art

San Clemente Surfboards & Art

I'm stoked to announce the limited addition tee shirts for men and women now available at chicks sporting goods stores at four locations, Ocean side,Laguna Hills,Tustin,and Upland. Check them out there are three different designs and are limited. Thanks again for all of the support with the reopening of my surf gallery. If your looking for a board that is right for you come in and talk to the shaper directly and get the board of your dreams.
SCS specializing in custom made surfboards of all shapes and sizes for your needs. The boards are all made in the USA.
Enjoy the ride of life one day at a time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Long live San Clemente Cyclery

Established in 1974 I was stoked to go to his bike shop as a little kid with my brother Steve. Going to his shop  since the late 1970s was like going to a candy store with all of the different bikes and different people that I got see and experience. John to me was like another brother and friend and a role model just as my own brothers and sisters. I have so many great experiences with John he was a excellent athlete in many sports, surfing and riding being a couple of them. John was always happy and would always take the time to talk with me when I came in. He will be missed by so many people and touched so many people he has inspired me to reopen my own surf gallery and more importantly carry on the simple business approach he had with his own business. John was on my mind Saturday and Sunday and even when my brother stopped by my surf gallery I wanted to asked if he stopped by Johns but I didn't. After talking with my brother he even mentioned he thought about stopping by but didn't. All I can say is John was talking to allot of people he loved and cared about and we all heard him one way or another.
I will miss him  and I realize our bodies will die but our spirit lives on forever. He is smiling at all of us and is happy to see all of the love and support.
Enjoy today and don't worry about tomorrow.
To one of my heroes- JOHN C of SAN CLEMENTE CYCLERY

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The custom surfboard in 2008

I don't know about you people but when was the last time you walked into a so called surf shop and actually talked to someone who knows what there talking about and I'm not just talking long boards or short boards but everything in between.  The days of talking to a shaper in a so called surf shop are down to 2% if you believe in luck.  The difference between my surf gallery and 98% of all the surf shops is you will not be sold a board that does not fit your needs.  If you want a custom motorcycle were do you go? If you want a custom surfboard made for where you surf and how you surf than San Clemente Surfboards is a great start for a custom board for you or one off the rack.  We carry all shapes and sizes and new boards coming in every week.  Four new 9ft high performance longboards coming soon these boards are research and development boards that I have designed off of one of my personal boards.  Next up will be some 9'3 and 9' 6 performance boards.  We will be carrying all shapes and sizes from the past to the present. 
So enjoy the ride of life one day and one ride at a time.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The retail end of surfing

Retail is interesting when you stop and look at most of the retail stores what separates them all from each other? Think about people what separates the so called surf shops these days? Is it just me or do I see the same clothing companies in most of the surf shops up and down the coast. The so called surf shops would be nothing without the SURFBOARD period. The billion dollar clothing industry would be none existent without the surfboard. So next time you go into the surf shops in your area take a look around and see how many stores carry the same clothing and the same surfboards. The surfboard is what separates the so called surf shops take away the surfboards what do you have? Even before I started shaping I had the opportunity to talk to most of the guys who shaped my boards. The one thing people don't realize is how great it is to be able to talk with a shaper, especially the ones that actually ride everything short or long. So if want a custom board or one off the rack come in and talk to me the surfer/shaper and the artist for the board made for your ability and where you like to surf. San Clemente Surfboards & Art is a modern day surf gallery of hand made surfboards and art with strong roots to the past, carrying on the soul and spirit and tradition to the present surfers of today. Remember it does not matter what you ride we are all surfers period.
Spring is a great time of the seasons so enjoy each day and grow forward.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards & Art

Another beautiful day in Paradise. Some fun wave get out there. This is my fifth week now back where it all started. Thank you everyone for your support it feels good to be back. If you enjoy what you do for so called work then is it really work. Talk about everything cycles i recently got reunited with the second board i did for Dietrich's coffees house four years ago. Enjoy your life no one can do that for you. More importantly remember you can only enjoy your life one day at a time.
Get your custom boards design in before June the line will get longer for the summer months.
Grow forward and enjoy the ride of life.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring time

Spring is an amazing time of the seasons. A time when the mountains are green and the air is clean. A time to clean house mentally spiritually and physically. It all about a little allot NOT allot a little. So today is the day not tomorrow not yesterday if you want change then do it today no one can do it for you. Keep dreaming and stay independent from the good opinion of others. Enjoy this day of fresh air and don forget to breath and let out all the stress or negative thoughts you have.
Peace happiness and health without it your living the outside way of life.

Friday, March 14, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards & Art

I hope you guys went surfing Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday the waves don't get much better. It was breaking everywhere.
Just in two new SCS designs for men and women. The first edition of SCS is down to the last dozen and a half. All of the tee shirt designs are limited as the prints are so get yours before they are sold out. The new designs are called focus on what you want and unlock your doors. Thank you everyone for your support I'm stoked to be back where it all started.
Remember what we think and feel becomes real.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards & Art in the SC Times

Check out the latest issue of SC times they did a  nice article on my dream that has come to life 5 years later. Thanks you Tawnee for your writing skills and SC times for putting San Clemente Surfboards in the paper. I'm stoked to be a part of it. Thank you to all of those who have visited the gallery and your support. It feels great to be back. New tee shirt design coming soon the first edition are going fast. Stay tuned for two new edition of art designs. Many more new surfboards designs coming for spring and summer. Come in and talk to me directly for you dream board. I shape just about every design out there for the waves and the way you surf.-----What we focus and feel becomes real. With that being said enjoy each day and only focus on what you want.
Stay tuned for specials on boards and art and tees they will only be announced at different times on my blogg. You can also read the article online at

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Time line of San Clemente Surfboards

It's January 2001 and inspired to paint in many ways. I continue to shape boards and keep the shop running along with an account in japan for custom boards. It was a busy time to say the least. Time rolls and summer is coming and the energy is getting stronger with painting and custom surfboards. I grow through the summer and kept it balanced by surfing some great days at lowers. Things are moving and i'm getting into painting and i'm motivated by my friend mark with lt litho to do some prints. So the first painting to go to print is indo=sumatra. The first runs was 50 eleven by 14 signed and numbered. I was stoked to see the process of painting to printing. Fast forword to 2003 i'm up to my eight or ten paintings now. ========= Stay tuned for chapter 5. The surf gallery is open now wed through sunday eleven thirty to six. Enjoy the ride.

Friday, February 29, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards & Art now open

It's been a long last two months getting the place ready.  Thank you Ed and Kathy Hanley for the great paint job. for full remodle and custom framing as well.  Thank you Matt for the great job on the new floor.  Ian for the electrical. Franks for the racks.  I couldn't have done it without you guys. The winter hours are as Wednesday through Sunday from 11:30 to 6pm.  Closed Monday and Tuesday is appointment only.   I'm stoked to be back at the building where it all started in 2000.
Stop in and see me anytime thanks again.
The rebirth of soul.
Dreams do come true when you stay independent of the good opinion of others. Follow yours.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

San Clemente Surfboards & Art

Things are coming together and the surf gallery will be open in the next week sometime. Thank you to all of the support from family and friends it has been a busy last two months or so getting everything to the opening stage. I look forward to seeing all of the friends and family and meeting many new friends on this journey. Stay tuned people and thank you for your patience. The time line of SCS will continue as well.
Enjoy this day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Time line of San Clemente Surfboards

So it's now going into December things are gaining momentum. Boards are starting to get rolling and I'm getting inspired in a new direction as well.In January I got so inspired I decided to start painting at the shop on the down time. On 1-21-2001 I did my first painting off of a beautiful shot out of surfers journal at a place somewhere in Mexico. It was totally freehand and I have never traced any of the art I have created. Stay tuned for the next chapter #4

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Time line of San Clemente Surfboards & Art

So now I have my very own surf shop. Alot of people dont realize that for the next four years years I lived like the surfers from the past very simple. I chose to live out of my van. It was one of the most exciting times of my life and one really appreciates everything much more. I thank each and every friend and family member for the energy you shared in many ways. So it's october of 2000 and I spend the next month getting the little place ready. It's now november and The signs are up and I have a total of 2200 dollars in the bank. When you have a vision and a dream stay independent from the good opinion of others and go for it. I have to say the first two to three months were a test for me to either give in the negative conditioning we all have, or search for the key and unlock the doors to peace happiness and enjoy the ride of life. Stay tuned for more to follow of the time line of SCS & Art. Have a great day and get some vitamin D.

time line San Clemente Surfboards & Art

Chapter 2. Well lets see where was I. I sold my mustang and now have the money to get my own surf shop SCS. Now in my 91 ford club wagon I take a drive down the coast to this little place called San Clemente Surfboards and walk in this little place and talk to the head dude of toyota and say this is my offer. Well we talked for hours and I left with a bar of wax and a contract as the new owner of San Clemente Surfboards by Paul Carter. This was the start of my own surf shop and the life of living like a gypsy. Stay tuned chapter 3 to follow.

the toll of the road

It is great to see that people do care about the open land remaining for the generations to come.

Friday, February 01, 2008

time line of san clemente surfboards

Just wanted to share a short story on the life and rebirth of a store. Well lets see you go all the way back to 1999999999-97 and san clemente surfboards was started. Well you fast forward 2222222222222222-2000 I was driving alone in my 1971 mach 1 metelic blue mustang with A four on the floor hurst shifter and a 351c four barrel under the hood. A set a tires and a clutch and a six year ride it was time for a change and I sold the girl to a 26yrs old kid and his girlfriend with a 1999 moder mustang. I took the kid on a red line ride i looked over and he was hanging on the the seat like he just soiled his pants. By the time we got back he counted the cash three time and looked me in the eye and says is ther anything els i should know about the car.------ I thought and all i could say was kid dont ever race your girlfriend if you want to keep her. Now i thought I
the money to buy my own store you guesed it SCS.... TO BE CONTINUED SOON SO STAY TUNED FOR THE SECOND CHAPTER.

Time Line from shaping into painting

This is a short story of how the new surfboard gallery has come to life once again.
In 2000 I got into the retail end of surfboards with my own store call San Clemente Surfboard that I  won at a raffle at Toyota of orange. Three and half years into having the store I was really getting into my art and wanted to expand the store and take over the whole building or move to a new location. Well this termite guy couldn't make up his mind if he was coming or going and this went on for about two months. during that time I was presented with the opportunity to move to the main drag down town on Del mar street. I went with what felt right and it all came together.  I was in the gallery for six months and it was a story in itself.   From the gallery I was in the very first art walk for SC on Del mar street with about a couple of dozen other artist.  I also started particapting in the once a month art fair which Ive only missed three going into my filth year now.  For the next four years i focused on the art fair and the annual art fair as well to the present date.  Every year something new came about with my art from working with KSBR to being published in two different books one called Spanish village by the sea and the other call surfboards.  All I can say is only focus on what you want and if it feels good do it.   

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Balance through Breathing

As hard as it is to believe one can let go of more negative thoughts and energy by simply breathing. From surfing to jogging to mountain biking you name it, breathing is key. This is very simple and will change everything if you practice this until it becomes a natural part of your life.
Most people breath through there mouth, watch people and you will see. The body gets more oxygen through the nose period. The key is taking three inhales through the nose and blowing the air out of the mouth. So next time your exercising or your stressed out take a break and breath. Stay tuned the surfboard gallery is getting all set up inside and the guard dogs are on duty.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

SCS back to the roots

Things are coming together and the surfboard gallery is coming to life. What can say other than nothing more exciting in one's life then to watch a dream come to life. The set up of the store will begin next week. Boards are getting completed and they are looking good. All shapes and sizes from the 70s to the present. A little allot not allot a little.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the silent opening and the first ten or maybe twenty will get either a tee shirt or a print or a pack of greeting cards.
Stay balanced and enjoy the ride of life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Vision becomes reality

It's great to see the new San Clemente Surfboards & Art gallery come to life after four years of art business school. New paint new floor and a whole new energy. Stay tuned for the opening day coming soon.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You cant give away what you don't have

Think about this for a few minutes and you will understand. What one thinks is what ones attracts. the past is nothing more than a wake left behind. Let go of ego and enjoy your life.
Enjoy today people.

growing with the flow

Are you going with the flow or are your growing with the flow? Think about this for a minute or three and ask yourself. Everything is a choice and every time we choose to break negative thoughts, habits, or patterns we energize ourselves and each other we positive energy it's that simple. So what are YOU going to choose today not tomorrow.
Stay tuned for more info on San Clemente surfboards and art. The floor is next and then set up for surfboards, tee shirts,painting,greeting cards,and prints to start with.
Have a great day people and if it does not flow then it does not grow.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

the rebirth of san clemente surfboards

It's been over four years in the making and my dream has come to life. The building is painted and lighting up San Clemente with some good energy.
I'm looking forward to seeing all of my family and friends and meeting many new friends with the reopening of the surfboard gallery. Stay tuned and watch the evolution of San Clemente surfboards and art. Thank you Kathy and ed Hanley for the amazing paint job on the building. Ed and Kathy also do all of my custom framing so if anyone needs there place painted or custom framing contact ed at949-606-4657 they are honest and excellent at what they do.
Live for today people and everything is a choice. Date for opening will be soon.