Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Long live San Clemente Cyclery

Established in 1974 I was stoked to go to his bike shop as a little kid with my brother Steve. Going to his shop  since the late 1970s was like going to a candy store with all of the different bikes and different people that I got see and experience. John to me was like another brother and friend and a role model just as my own brothers and sisters. I have so many great experiences with John he was a excellent athlete in many sports, surfing and riding being a couple of them. John was always happy and would always take the time to talk with me when I came in. He will be missed by so many people and touched so many people he has inspired me to reopen my own surf gallery and more importantly carry on the simple business approach he had with his own business. John was on my mind Saturday and Sunday and even when my brother stopped by my surf gallery I wanted to asked if he stopped by Johns but I didn't. After talking with my brother he even mentioned he thought about stopping by but didn't. All I can say is John was talking to allot of people he loved and cared about and we all heard him one way or another.
I will miss him  and I realize our bodies will die but our spirit lives on forever. He is smiling at all of us and is happy to see all of the love and support.
Enjoy today and don't worry about tomorrow.
To one of my heroes- JOHN C of SAN CLEMENTE CYCLERY