Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Learn How to painting abstract art surfboard 3/3 Paul Carter #004

Some HowTo tips on painting abstract art on your next board or canvas.  Abstract art painting is a great way to open the mind and simply get the inspired creativity flowing.

In this video I'm finishing up a recently handshaped board and going into the painting process as you will see.   Remember to practice on canvas or paper anything to get familure with the paint before starting on the surfboard and only use acrylic water base paints on the surfboards or experiment first.
Paul Carter Surfboards
& Art 
San Clemente Surfboards & Art
By Paul Carter
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Positive Art Reminders San Clemente artist Paul Carter

A couple positive art reminders to breathe deep and often in the moment throughout the day.

These are reminders for myself and sharing the positive intentions along the journey each and every day.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Inspired by Nature San Clemente Surfboards Art by Paul Carter

Inspired by Nature from a trip up the coast of California you will see an opening clip in the last video below.
Keep creating and stay focused on your dreams and goals and let go of all the distractions and go for it. 
SoCal Art painting by Paul Carter
Paul Carter Art
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Learning by doing the work and the activity is the key to growing forward not simply going forward.
So find your passion and start and little by little step by step we will each grow.

San Clemente Surfboards Art Review by Paul Carter

This is a fun all around board for nose riding and carving or cruising through the sections.   This board is a 7'11 and works great from 7 to 8fit range.  I build custom hand shaped surfboards for your dreams.

 I enjoy riding a 9 foot board but I wanted to change it up with a combination of a the best of a short and longboard something that I could still carve in the pocket and also hang five or 10 through the sections.   

I use the 325 and 350 future side bites depending on the size of waves,  with a 8 to 8.50-DD center fin and all the way back in the box which is set at 6.5,  the side boxes on this board are set at 18 to give it the single fin feel with the carving option when you want it.

The wedge stringer was an inspiration from a Renny Yater Surfboard I saw in the early 90s. 
I began incorporating the wedge stringer from 1995 to 2004 in many hand shaped surfboards.

So it came full circle this last year and I'm stoked to have the wedge stringer back again.  Join my instagram tribe from the link below.

HandShaped by Paul Carter

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“Learn How to painting abstract art surfboard 3/3 Paul Carter #004”

Saturday, December 17, 2016

HowTo Hand shaping a surfboard Tips by Paul Carter of San Clemente Surfboards & Art
Hand shaping by Paul Carter

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 Have a great day,  keep creating stay focused on all the good stuff let go of all of the distractions keep active and do it,  believe in yourself.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Twin surfboards for Twins & friends-PaulCarter #020

Twin custom surfboards by San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter.
I am stoked to be part of these twins lives and creating the boards for their birthday down at Sano.

The video everyone is singing happy birthday and the energy and experience of watching them seeing and receiving their boards is priceless.
Twin Surfboards for twins
by Paul Carter
In the video you will also see many other surfboards with friends picking up their boards.

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Keep creating and always focus on the good thoughts energy.  Breathe deep in the moment often and remember it's in doing one learns.  

San Clemente Surf Art mural painting tips by Paul Carter

San Clemente surf art mural painting tips for your next creation by Paul Carter..

This is one of the largest paintings I completed using recycled wood.  This is a 4ft by 9ft mural using acrylic paint and paint pens as well for the final highlighting. 

paunting a surf mural tips
San Clemente Artist
Paul Carter 

Check out this quick video on the painting journey and tips that I hope help you one you on your journey.  Have fun with the painting process and don't be to hard on yourself.  Remember we all learn by doing and the more we do the more one learns.


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Handshaped hand painted surfboard mural art stories Paul Carter #017

A custom hand shaped and hand painted San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter.

A time capsule with art stories of the beginning of my painting journey and being a part of the artist surge in San Clemente during that time.

I was part of the monthly first sunday street art fair every month on del mar street for 4 years straight and the annual art fair for 4 years as well.   The art fair It is still going on between the community center and the library with are all kinds of artist and crafts there and is usually in the month of August.

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I look forward to talking and creating your custom art piece and surfboard for you both in and out of the water.

Thank you for you positive intentions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Passion & purpose through creativity

 Find your passion and purpose and the emotions and feelings will fill their life and your life forever.

A total surprise for these twin girls on their 13th birthday at San Onofre was priceless. 
Check out the emotion of the twins here https://instagram.com/p/BKhVPwuBQQD/

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Organic gardening tower garden tips fresh produce daily Paul Carter #012

Here is a quick video on organic tower gardening tips and simple maintenance.
Dirt free uses 95% less water and very low up keep with 5-7 hours of sunlight on a deck or roof top for your home or business. 

Takes 2.5ft of space to grow 20-36 plants for fresh salads and smoothies daily.

I use no herbicides or pesticides on the plants because it's dirt free.

This system is able to grow indoors with light system as an option. 
One of the many crops and photos. 

This system pays for itself in 4-6 months is great for 2-4 people or schools for teaching as well. 

Let me know if you have any comments or questions and info on getting a school grant simply email for a video and more info. Cboards.com@gmail.com

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Growing organic tomatoes

The latest organic tomatoes getting closer to vine ripened. 
This is a fun way to grow fresh produce daily for my salads and smoothies. 
Dirt free uses 90-95% less water and grows 25-30% quicker and more yield. 
Thanks for checking in have a great day breathe deep in the moment often and focus on positive daily creativity. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Surfing San Onofre w/ Paul Carter

                Surfing Sano with Paul Carter on a 7'11 a small day waist high and beautiful colors. 

                       I am stoked to say the least to be part of this drone footage and is the first time to see myself surfing with a drone thanks Ian. 
Paul Carter surfing sano drone by Ian Burdzinski
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Custom San Clemente surfboards Paul Carter

Custom hand shaped San Clemente Surfboards review by Paul Carter

A custom shortboard with a hand painted sun burst for a client. 

A unique 3 stringer made by us blanks with a beautiful curved stringers.

Specialize in custom hand shaped and hand painted surfboards and art since 1993. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We hold the keys painting overview by Paul Carter #009

We hold the keys to life, painting overview by Paul Carter

I have been surfing since I was four years old.  I am always learning from the ocean and the power of nature is how I stay balanced from the inside out.

My inspiration from nature has been the majority of the paintings from the past into the future. 

Life is mental spiritual then physical and the keys represent the reminders of the daily choices we all have to make and we each hold the keys to unlock the doors the health, happiness and yes wealth which comes from doing what one truly enjoys doing.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Drawing a keyhole surf art time lapse Paul Carter

Looking through the keyhole, a kids dream.

A true meaning of a quick draw of a keyhole surf dream.  I grew up in a house built in the late 1920s. 
As young boy I would look through these key holes to the outside to my world my dreams from the inside out.  
I did some drawings in grade school and a few in high school but I didn't think much of it, until the year 2000 when I decided to start painting and my art journey began and continues to grow the more I create.  
This is a time capsule videos of drawings and paintings, shaping everything in between on creativity.
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Thanks everyone your positive support it feeds each of one us.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Learn how to shape surfboards shaping tips Paul Carter part-1

Learn how to shape surfboards shaping tips PaulCarter 1/3

A quick video on the beginning shaping tips and learning how to shape your own board. 

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Friday, May 06, 2016

learn How to fine sand a surfboard shaping tips PaulCarter 2/3

Fine sanding a new hand shaped surfboard.

Some simple tips from a rough shape to a fine sanded completed surfboard. 

I use 60 grit first with a flat block for the blending and smoothing out the lines on on the bottom and the deck.  Next I will use the 1 inch foam block with 60 grit to blend the deck to the rails.  Last I use 80 grit for the fine sanding.

These are standard sized sand paper with a balsa block cut to your hand size.  You can use any type of wood, I like a lighter wood such as balsa. 

I have 3 sanding blocks, one with flat no foam and one with half inch and one with 1inch foam, I mainly use the flat and 1inch foam.
Above is a nice example of a fine sanded surfboard. 

Thanks for checking out my blog journal,   let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Keep creating and enjoy the process.



learn how to abstract paint a surfboard Paul Carter 3/3

Learn how to abstract paint a surfboard by Paul Carter 

A recently hand shaped surfboard down to the abstract painting.  Be sure to practice on canvas or wood to get a feel for what your after.  I use acrylic paint which is important for the foam and Glassing, oil paints will not work with Glassing.

Have fun with the process and don't be to critical on yourself. 

Let me know your questions or comments and if you like the video I would be stoked on a thumbs up. 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Growing & teaching kids to grow organic

Growing & harvesting a crop of fresh greens for high school students. 

These systems are for teaching kids the simplicity of growing organic and using 90% less water dirt free makes these very low maintenance and a fun way to grow for all ages.

It doesn't get any fresher than this for all the kids to enjoy and eat healthy fresh produce with no pesticides or herbicides. 
For more information about these towers of power for your school or home or restaurant.
Send a email to Cboards.com@gmail.com or give me a call or text @ 949-370-5807.

Remember health is a daily choice not by chance.

Thanks look forward to talking with you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Talking Surfboards Tyler Warren Paul Carter Trestles

Talking Surfboards with Tyler Warren down at church, trestles on a fun small day.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Socal surf check trestles & sunset Paul Carter scope

SoCal surf check at trestles and a nice sunset using periscope.

You will hear me commenting on questions from people around the world.

You will not see or hear ther questions or comments only my response to them, along with some positive reminders for future generations.

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Thanks everyone for your positive support and perceptions.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Bridging the health gaps daily

Bridging the gaps for a healthy quality life is achieved by learning and researching and testing. 

This video gives a great overall view of the simple steps to take for a quality healthy lifestyle daily 
Enjoy today and break through the comfort zones that hold us all back.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Multi Vitamin vs Whole Foods Concentrates

Multi Vitamins vs Whole Foods concentrates.

Some great info in this short video with some great Reminders for optimum health and energy daily.

Everything starts with recovery and repair which starts with eating 5-7 fruits, Vegies and berries a day if your an active athlete its up to 9-16 servings a day. 

Prior to starting with these Whole Foods, I was taking 5 to 7 supplements and vitamins a day.

Since starting on these vine ripened Whole Foods of fruits, vegetables and berries, I no longer take any vitamins or supplements only these Whole Foods.

After you watch this video, click on the link below for my personal video on healthy tips.

David Phillips MD -- Oxidative Stress and Athletic Performance

Maintaining a healthy body.

I have been to 3 of this doctors lectures and I learn something new each and every time.  

If you exercise at any age and level this video will open your eyes to what really happens to the body and what to do for proper recovery and repair for a healthy quality life.

Watch this video with an open mind not an ego mind, and you will learn just as I have, on how the body works and how to maintain optimum health and energy daily. 
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Breathe in the moment and enjoy today always