Friday, April 05, 2024

San Clemente Surfboards & Art Paul Carter, green Spring

Green Spring, 2024

Going back in time to 3-2017 an abstract painting of 

(Dana cove yesterday)

I like to go back in time to the original art work and see where I was on my art journey and life.
I first started with a light blue in the sky, and added a little bit into the water and the waves
I added some darker blue into the sky, to give it more depth, and into the waves
Here is the completed highlighting from the sky to the ocean to the clouds to the mountain to the waves and the sun. Each one has been highlighted, including the rocks.
Original art by Paul Carter

Dana Cove Killer Dana yesterday for those that enjoyed the waves before the harbor I can only imagine how beautiful it was.
I added San Clemente and Catalina island.   I also think of the native indigenous people that lived off the land for thousands of years.
I have surfed outside the jetty a few times and on the right direction swell. It gets pretty good and you definitely want to know where the rocks are before you go out.
Thank you each for following the journey and joining me on Instagram and YouTube @paulcarterart I appreciate our positive uplifting conversations in and out of the water.

Any questions for custom art or prints

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