Monday, January 01, 2024

San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter

Silence in the sunset

Watching a sunset is an empowering time to reflect on the day with gratitude.

The first image is a panoramic, painted surfboard, showing San Clemente to Dana Point.

Today is 1230, 2023 a short reflection of the last year of growth from the inside out of the uplifting empowering conversations with family and friends.  I think each and everyone of you for the Positive support and intentions.

Sanclementesurfboards & art by Paul Carter
Whoever you are in the world, take that time to watch the sunset, as well as watch the sunrise it’s powerful to keep the body on the circadian rhythm of the Sun.
Sunset at Sano by Paul Carter
Keep life simple and minimal with healthy priorities, and healthy boundaries.   
Respect yourself and others and remember with awareness of one’s thoughts and the feelings you have to choose either positive or negative.  So ask yourself often, do I like the way I am thinking and feeling..
The more one becomes aware of the negative conditioning the more one will retrain the mind. 
Changes will happen quickly the more present one becomes.
Dana Point Sunset by Paul Carter
I like to get into my breathing, while watching a sunset, taking 3 to 5 deep diaphragm breaths in my nose and out the mouth.

 Time capsule of the journey of surfing shaping and art 

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