Sunday, December 24, 2017

Desert inspired art by Paul Carter #044

                         Exploring the many different climates on this amazing planet called Earth.

Some of the inspired art from a recent trip to the beautiful California desert with the many colors from sunrise to sunset and everything in between.

Desert inspired art by Paul Carter
Desert inspired art
Paul Carter
In this video you will see some of the amazing yuka trees and the many plants and some insects on the journey.

The peace and quiet of the desert is an emotional journey from the inside out, from the high paced activities living in Southern California or anywhere for that matter,  it's all based on one's choices depending on the conditioning and what we think are priorities.

A painting a started to cover one of the water tanks needed to live in the desert to be self sufficient and self contained in this diverse environment.
painting the desert by Paul Carter
desert art
by Paul Carter
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My journey to learn and live and educate in order to grow forward from the inside out and to inspire all ages to live a healthy quality lifestyle as a health guide to simplify the steps to optimum health and nutrition for the Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul daily.

Monday, December 11, 2017

How to draw a surfboard mural by Paul Carter

My shaping journey began in 1993 learning on a skill100 door planer.

I learned a great foundation of shaping by numbers with the guidance of the master craftsmen Steve Bahne of infinity surfboards.  It has been a learning process everyday.

I shaped every board by hand and in 2008 I just broke the 6000 board mark in all shapes and sizes from longboards to mid range to short boards, I surfed and shaped about every design out there from single fin to twin, 3 -4-5 fin boards which really helped with the whole custom boards designs for all ages.

As you will see in the video There is a creative design process of drawing surfboard to a tropical surf scene as shown in the color image.

Surfboards &a art by Paul Carter
Surfboards art
Paul Carter


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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Inspired Abstract Surf Art by Paul Carter #043

Inspired abstract art with positive reminders for the journey of life.

It is key to be fully aware of morning healthy rituals that feed the mind, spirit, body and soul.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Abstract art writing painting journey by Paul Carter

A abstract painting from the past to the present,  a journey of clearing the mind and sitting down and writing out all the old conditioned thoughts into all the positives in and around me.

 When you look at the painting you will see the small pieces of paper that I cut up and pasted them onto the white canvas then painted over them. 

 When I first started doing these mind cleansing writings around 2010-11 the first 3 to 4 sessions were an emotional journey of releasing many layers of the negative conditioning that we all have one layer or another.

(Waves of change)
Abstract art painting writing
Abstract wave painting by
Paul Carter
Keep in mind when or if you decide to do this process it is between you and God and the universe or whoever you believe in and is for your eyes only, unless you choose otherwise.

The first two or three I shredded and burned the writings to release and let go of the old stuff, it's your choice.

In closing in this painting it was the beginning of all of the positive thoughts and words.  I was inspired to paint this wave recently in the month of 10-2017

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dana Point drawing inspiration by Paul Carter

A beautiful day in Dana Point inspired me to create a sketch on a surfboard with a surfers perspective with the waves.
Beautiful Dana Cove
Dana Point
by Paul Carter
Some positive reminders to keep focused on the good in life and be aware of the distractions that will keep one from achieving those small, medium and large goals to inspire and empower more people of all ages.

Thanks for checking in.

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SanClemente surfboards abstract art and original T shirts

A beautiful day at classic sano with a happy positive human and her custom surfboard with some original art t shirt. 
custom surfboards art t shirts by Paul Carter
Custom surfboards & art
by Paul Carter
It is a change in the season and I'm reminded of the empowerment one receives through the awareness to either grow forward or simply go forward.

It is important to honor myself my life first everyday 80 to 95% by feeding the mind the spirit the body and soul in order to be filled with healthy foods that is what I know.

original artwork by Paul Carter
Custom T shirts by Paul Carter
Thank you for taking your time to check out this journey with passion as a Surfer-Shaper-Artist and empowering with health educating.

My intentions are positive to help you grow as I am from the inside out.  

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Custom surfboard art San Clemente Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter

Working on some of the latest inspired art with new surfboard sketches & designs, all original artwork, custom made for you for in and out of the water.

Keep in mind that I started on youtube in 2007 and if you go back and look as I do periodically, I see how much I have grown through the trials of life and the conditioning and insecurities we all have.

What I have learned through awareness we either grow forward or simply go forward by repeating the same patterns and habits without truly growing from the inside out.

I thank each and every one of you from family and friends from the past to the present and the future that have helped pave the way for me today, thank you your support and positive intentions always.

I look forward to talking with you and designing your first or your next custom surfboard and artwork, send inquiries to or call only for those Ready now 949-370-5807 .

I am stoked to create your vision and dreams, custom in all shapes and sizes since 1993.

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San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter
Custom Paul Carter Surfboards & Art


Saturday, September 16, 2017

How To Paint a teeshirt tips surf art by Paul Carter #039

Some of the latest custom painted Tshirts with inspired original artwork.

Be sure to practice on paper or a old tahirts to get a feel for the fine tips of the paint containers. 

Custom painted T shirts by Paul Carter 

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

San Clemente surfboards & art custom by Paul Carter

Here Are some stoked humans enjoying the healthy lifestyle. 

A custom 8ft and a 9'6 made for the invidauals level and ability to keep growing forward. 

San Clemente Surfboards Custom Boards
By Paul Carter
San Clemente Surfboards
Paul Carter 
Keep feeding the mind and body with healthy foods and keep learning by doing the work often.

Look forward to hearing from you and creating your custom surfboard and artwork for your home business and surfing stoke in and out of the water.

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Friday, September 08, 2017

Painting surfboards & health tips by Paul Carter #038

Hello thank you for your time and checking out the latest surfboard and artworks with this spontaneous Live feed.

This is a time capsule of my story as a surfer/shaper/artist with some painting tips video and healthy tips that I have learned on this journey.

It is so important to stay focused on taking care of oneself daily, what I have learned that works for me is to feed the mind and body first thing in the morning with healthy positive foods for the mind and the body before I get into the my life and priorities 

Some of what feeding the mind look like for me is reading the amazing stories in the bible and lately I have been listening to Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton ministries on youtube and study along with the videos. 
                                       San Clemente Surfboards & Artwork by Paul Carter
The next thing I like to do is some strengthening and stretching which consists of some push ups, sit ups, and legs exercises each varying depending on the day.   

My outdoor activities range from surfing, riding, jogging, hiking to name a few of the powerful grounding exercise to clear the mind and stay stoked and fit from the inside out. 

The third important key is feeding the body with optimum micro and macro nutrition for maintaining a daily recovery and repair foundation to enjoy living a healthy quality lifestyle.  

I know that I am responsible for my health, happiness and wealth by my daily choices and I have been on the dark side searching with drugs and alcohol and people, places and things that have led to truly trusting the one true source and creator of all things good which is GOD.  

Now I know your conditioning is going to many places in your mind and I also know that for me to share this is a step of faith with positive intentions to inspire and help you not waste this valuable life and stop waiting for something to happen, all the while knowing now more than ever it is up to me to do the work and the activity to keep growing forward today and every day.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Inspired artwork with positive reminders by Paul Carter

Inspired artwork with some positive daily reminders for the journey of life.

Everyday is a new day a new canvas to create one's dreams, visions and goals.

I am reminded often the importance of learning by doing the work with the consistency to keep growing forward not simply going forward. 

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positive painting abstract art
abstract artwork by
Paul Carter

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Art exhibit at Capo Beach Church by Paul Carter

I am stoked and excited to have a large variety of original artwork on display at this unique place in classic Capistrano Beach at 25975 Domingo Ave, Dana Point, CA 92624

Each of the paintings are all freehand painted along with 3 hand shaped and painted surfboards.

Stop in and take a look they are open 7 days a week from 10 to 7pm,  the art will be up for another month.

Original artwork by Paul Carter
Art by Paul Carter
Hand paintings by Paul Carter
Original Artwork by Paul Carter

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hand painted teeshirts by Paul Carter

I am driven by inspiration to create and the more I embrace it the more I enjoy it.

I have been painting since 2000 and this is a new avenue of creativity for me and I am enjoying the process of learning and painting on these teeshirts for men and women. 

Original artwork by Paul Carter
Painted teeshirt  By Paul Carter

I like to add positive  Reminders to the artwork for myself to stay focused and my intention is to help everyone that resonates with my heart and my art.

Original artwork teeshirt
By Paul Carter

This is a two side painted for a client in Arizona, all of my art is freehand painting never traced and all original artwork

I look forward to talking with you and I am also doing private surfing and coaching sessions.  Send email for your next custom surfboards and artwork and the most important your health to enjoy a healthy quality lifestyle.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Painting a surfboard fin Paul Carter

This is one of two hand painted surfboard fins called 24 hour dream. 
A two sided fin showing the moon and the sun with a surfers perspective from my travels around the planet and growing up in Southern California.

I am reminded daily of the power of the mind and nutrition and staying focused on those dreams and goals and doing the work daily is the only way things with change.

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Stay stoked and inspired.

24 hour dream painted fin Paul Carter
Painted fin by Paul Carter
24 hour dream painting
Painted fin by Paul Carter

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

24 hour dream painting by Paul Carter

24 hour surf dream painting from my imagination and the inspiration from my travels around the planet.
As you see on this scrap piece of wood I started with archyval ink and went over it with paint pens. 

24 hour dream
By Paul Carter
Tropical dream painting
By Paul Carter

Thanks for chcecking in keep creating and learn by doing the steps and the work  often.
Let me know if you have any questions. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Growing organic urban gardening PaulCarter

These systems are pretty amazing from the option to grow 20 to 36 plants in 2.5ft of space is pretty cool to say the least.  
I have been growing with two of these for over 3 years now and the maintenance is filling it with water once a week during the summer months to basic tips like picking any dead leaves off and wiping down the tower once a week.  In short I spend maybe between 10 to 20 minutes once or twice a week because of having two towers. 

Was at a recent conference about health and nutrition and how the body heals and grows through recovery and repair with micronutrition, which is key. 

Grow organic easy
Grow organic daily

by Paul Carter
Take a look at this video I put together on growing organic tips

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Drawings on the journey artist Paul Carter Art #030

Drawings on the journey in SoCal by Paul Carter a time lapse of some of the beautiful beaches creating some tropical art on wood and abstract paintings.

Enjoying the moment and learning by doing the work with positive intentions to inspire you and future generations to a healthier exciting life, living a healthy creative lifestyle by choice not chance.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the latest video.  I am thankful and grateful for each one of you joining the creative tribe and all the positive support along the way.  

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a time capsule of art SoCal Paul Carter
drawing on cement
by Paul Carter 3-17

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hand painted surfboards by Paul Carter

A time capsule of a hand shaped and hand
Painted surfboard from my painting journey. 
I started shaping surfboard in 1993 and shaped thousands of boards before I started painting them let alone painting period.  
I was inspired in 2000-2001 to start painting little did I know when I started shaping I would be painting these boards for homes and business around the planet many years later.
Like in sports or any type of skill the only way one learns is by doing the work the activity consistently.  
There hundreds and thousands of more talented artist out there but the difference is I'm
Doing the work and more importantly I'm stoked on the process and putting my art out there without worrying what people thinks, which is not easy in the beginning stages. 
PaulCarter surfboards & art
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Howto Drawing tips at sano San Clemente Paul Carter #028

Drawing tips at sano with a time lapse ink drawing from my imaginations and the travels around the planet.

I am finding the importance of keeping that creative balance from the inside out is key, and using the left and ride sides of the brain to stay fit and stoked on a healthy lifestyle.
A reminder for all of us that balance is a mental, nutritional, spiritual, physical journey and each is important to the other.  Health is a daily choice not chance.

how to draw tips Paul Carter
Surf Art Drawing
by Paul Carter
Thank you for taking the time to check out the video and my blog journal,  I appreciate you positive support and intentions always.
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Thanks again have a great stay stoked and inspired daily.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

SoCal surf art Palo santo Paul Carter

This is a sketch using Palo santo wood as is without sharpening the wood but burning it amd drawing the old ways of art.

This is a spontaneous sketch from my imagination of the many images and places I have seen around the planet.

Drawing with palo santo
By Paul Carter
Keep creating and enjoy the process of learning by doing the work.

Thanks for your positive intentions and attention.

 Let me know if you have any questions or comments and take a look at my YouTube channel and join the tribe click subscribe.  There is no advertising or commercials on my channel I'm simply sharing the healthy lifestyle journey and tips.

Here is a video

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Stay stoked stay inspired

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Inspired in laguna beach

Laguna beach is a great place to get inspired on many levels.  This day was a beautiful sunny day I was looking to do some drawings and enjoy the day.  The importance of being in the moment with conscious deep breathing to stay grounded and really take in all the landacape and Cozy coves to enjoy the beach and get into the drawing or painting,  
Here is a latest YouTube video on this journey and I would be stoked you join the creative tribe and subscribe for all the latest.
Laguna drawing Paul Carter
Laguna beach by Paul Carter

Have a great day focus on the good thoughts and pictures and  embrace the inspired creativity with consistency. 
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Focus & breathe drawing Palo santo

A drawing using Palo santo wood simply by burning it and going for it without sharpening the wood other than burning it.  A positive reminder to myself and all of us, to stay focused and do the work daily to grow forward not simply go forward.
Paul Carter drawing
Palo santo wood

Monday, February 27, 2017

Taking steps to health drawing by Paul Carter

Taking steps towards health each day is key.  This drawing goes back to another life time in 2007 and the steps I have taken since then have changed my life from the inside out on many levels.

This is a some of what I have learned from the inspiration of God,  This is not about religion it is  about a relationship with the unconditional love and inspiration and strength and courage and everything positive I trust through faith to believe and take the steps daily and do the work with the inspired creativity I receive and do something useful with my hands Eph-4-v-28
It is mental, nutritional, spiritual and physical balance each is connected and affects the other.  I know from trial and error the importance of having a daily morning ritual is key for me to stay grounded and focused and clear before I get into life's responsibilities. 

To be continued====

Health tips Health steps
stairway to health drawing
by Paul Carter

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Drawing with palo santo wood by Paul Carter

Drawing with palo santo wood by burning the wood and by turning it as I am drawing it eventually gets sharper.  I know what your thinking why don't I simply sharpening the wood?
I thought about that but the ritual of burning the wood and drawing is a journey in itself simply by doing the activity and the work is key to learning.

This drawing is part reality of growing up and my travels around the planet and the memories and imagination from my mind in a spontaneous inspired creation. 
This drawing was shortly after a morning balance breathing session to get grounded and clear before I start my day.  if you would like to know more about my daily rituals send email to or 949-370-5807 and I look forward to talking with you. 
Thanks for checking in 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Art Inspired By Nature by Paul Carter #026

The start of the art for 2017 showing the first paintings and drawing in january one of a series of 6 paintings.

Paul Carter Art
I like to get out in nature as often as possible and is a big part of my inspiration and staying balanced and grounded.  I'm looking forward to this new year and growing forward with new goals and new creativity.

I have been working with clients in the last couple of months sharing parts of what I have been doing for staying balanced from the inside out.  Most of which is centered around health and nutrition and a guided breathing balance sessions to name a few.  When your ready to take your health and fitness to the next level I am here to guide you on the journey.  Email or 949-370-5807 to schedule a phone interview to see what I can help you with.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Freedom from the fog into health

Morning fog 630am reminded me of how I searched for many years to find clarity and focus  and purpose with passion.  I Am connected to the unlimited source of God and the creative freedom that comes from doing the work from the inside out to release and get renewed mentally, spiritually, physically and the soul.  What I learned from drugs and alcohol is they both kept me in the fog from waking up with clarity, focus and awareness to having more euphoric feelings without either one.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ink Art positive reminder by PaulCarter

We hold the keys to the choices we make each and every day to either do the work from the inside and grow forward and really clean house or repeat the same thoughts and pictures and patterns and ask yourself why hasn't anything changed in my life.   It is a mental, spiritual, physical and soul journey each and every day.   I know by experience what works and I Have learned to simplify the process and the time it takes to get healthier in much less time and money. So what are you waiting for and how long are you going to wait before you get yourself where you want to be from the inside out. 

So feel free to send me an email to or call 949-370-5807 and will get set a time to get you in track and enjoy life on a higher level.

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Have a great day stay focused on the good always and keep creating

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Focused on a new chapter Art

A new creative focus please read fully.
A native sunset dream with an abstract background and an island getaway reminder to breathe deep in the moment and let go of the distractions and the mind chatter and focus on all the good thoughts and pictures and thank God for the powerful mind, spirit, body and soul we have been gifted with.  
Here is the link to the painting join the tribe thanks.
Starting February 1st today,  I will be taking a break on shaping for the next 4 months focusing on my art and creativity, dialing in the teaching and training format that has helped me from the inside out that I know will help all of you on many levels.  I will be doing individual trainings from meditation to stretching to fitness to nutrition . Thank you for all your support and positive intentions to family, friends and new friends from the past to the present into the future.

PaulCarter Surfboards

PaulCarter Art
For personal training email I look forward to inspiring your health from the inside out.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Inspired by nature painting 2017

Happy New Year to each  and everyone of you and I thank you for your positive support and intentions and the best year ever.

 Here is the first painting of 2017 and abstract open minded painting with a Surfers dream wave and some palm trees to wrap up a tropical dream.  This is acrylic on canvas I started with a abstract back round and I like to use paint pens for the highlighting detailing. 

Thanks for tuning in everyone take a look at all the prints, tee shirts and much more though this link

Have a great day stay stoked and inspired and always focus on the good thoughts and learn by doing the activities.