Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Paradise dream-painting by Paul Carter

 This was a fun creative journey and original freehand art piece.   

Using my shortboard templates and dimensions, this is a replica shortboard art piece cut out of a 4x8 sheet of quarter inch plywood.

This was inspired from my travels to beautiful places around the planet.   

It is so important to create without comparing yourself to anyone and not looking for that validation from anyone.

There is a freedom that evolves from learning by doing and staying consistent with the creativity over time.

Thank you JH for your support and the new home for this one of kind piece.   

I also like to thank each and everyone for your positive support on this journey with surfboards and art.   

I am excited to embrace my art journey much more this 2022.   Commission work is available along with Prints for your home or business.

Keep the creative fire stoked and always focus on the good.  

Breathe and believe 

Original artwork by Paul Carter