Thursday, January 16, 2020

Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter-062 #paulcarterart

Hi guys here is a 8’6 with custom paint and a nice sun burst drawing to top it off.

Each and every board is made specifically for the individual based on there ability and surfing desires.
Custom Surfboards & art by Paul Carter
Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter 1-2020
This is a 9 inch two sided fin with a nice tropicalsurf dream.

The board above and this fin are 100% hand shaped and hand painted, freehand no tracing.
Handmade surfboards & art by Paul Carter
Custom fin by Paul Carter 1-2020
I put together a video of some of the latest boards and also a first edition coloring book for some relaxing color therapy meditation.

Waves of Change: For Inner Health Coloring Book



Saturday, January 11, 2020

Coloring book San Clemente Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter

Waves of change coloring book for inner health, which brings peace by staying totally present in the creative process.

I am excited and grateful and thankful for this first edition book.

This was an idea going back to 2006 that came to life in the year of 2019.

Waves of change is a inner metaphor of my journey as a Surfer Shaper Artist going back to childhood.

Inspired art coloring book by Paul Carter
Coloring book by
Paul Carter 12-19
The front and back covers are time capsules of my painting journey.

I date just about every piece of art I create to look back on where I was at that time.

I wanted to create a classic comic style book with black and white images to be colored.

I decided for this first book to have some space for journaling and any thoughts one would like to capture.

Coloring book by Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter San Clemente,Ca
Coloring book by Paul Carter 1-20
 I am consistently learning by doing and this book is no different.

I really like the simplicity and convenience of print on demand and the beauty of being shipped anywhere in the world,  directly to your home or business.

Coloring book by Paul Carter San Clemente,Ca
Coloring book by Paul Carter 1-2020
ToBe Continued 

I thank you for checking out the latest on this journey from the inside out.
Surf art coloring book by San Clemente Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter
Coloring book By Paul Carter 
Keep the fire stoked with the inspired creativity.