Friday, March 10, 2023

Custom san Clemente surfboards & by Paul Carter

Hey guys, thanks for following the blog journal. 
This is a 9 foot custom board for my friend Rob. 
This will be a single fin with a nice light purple tint on the bottom. 
100% hand shaped surfboard. I still enjoy hand shaping keeps me present and focused in the moment. 
It takes around three hours on average sometimes four, depending on the type of board longboard that is.
Here is the board fine sanded and all smoothed out.

Custom made surfboards by Paul Carter

San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter

A little side note there are four boards available at Bashams in San Clemente.
There are two 9’6 boards and two 9 foot boards With custom artworks and resin tints.

 Here is a original freehand painted dream showing San Clemente island in Catalina island.
 I am using Poska pens on this painting on a 8 x 10 canvas board.
Original artwork by surfers shaper artist Paul Carter

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

One of kind painted surfboard & art by Paul Carter

This is a page from a calendar going back to 2001 this is the third painting that I did. All of the paintings I do are Freehand not traced.

Original freehand artwork by Paul Carter
I remember when I started this painting keep in mind this is the beginning of my painting journey of learning by doing. I am a self-taught artist.
When I started this painting I had to get the horizon and the wave lined up.
I started and stopped at least three or four times before I was happy with the set up of the wave and the horizon water line. 
Keep in mind this was the beginning of my art journey and I thought it was about being perfect and getting it exact and all of the conditioning to do things right in my mind. 
Again this was hundred percent freehand painting and there’s also was the first painting that was made into a print by my friend Mark LT litho.

This is Sumatra Indonesia.

Original art by Paul Carter freehand painting
This is a custom Handshaped hand-painted surfboard the blank was custom made by Clark foam at the time.
When you look at the waves in the board understand that those are curved 1/8 redwood stingers.
Custom surfboards and art by Paul Carter
I surfed this board for a couple of years and was used in many art fairs and art shows up and down the coast.

It was a glider, smooth easy turning plenty of glide and it was a fun nose rider.

A customer came to pick up his new 9 foot board and I showed him this board and he really liked it and with some hesitation I ended up selling it to him.
It went to a really good human thanks Lenden.

This was glassed by Mike of Hydroglass at the time.  He is a professional on many levels and always got the boards out on his hard work and word.  
One of kind surfboard art by Paul Carter

 I have made about four of these curve stringers total, and I will be making a new one for myself in the 9 to 9’6 range soon.

Thanks so much for following the journey and all of the positive support and uplifting conversations that I have with you from the past to the present into the future.

Keep the creative fire stoked and remember no validation required and do not compare your life, your journey with anyones it’s your journey.