Thursday, January 08, 2015

Optimum Health vine ripened whole foods

Optimum Health with Vine ripened whole foods JuicePlus,pesticide and herbicide free and e.coli free with no hormones certified by (NSF)

I take two capsules of each every day along with the complete powder, take a look at my video on my daily routine

The options are the capsule or the chewables.  I prefer the capsule for mixing with the complete powder.

I also like the chewables for after a hard workout or a little extra energy and quick recovery the complete powder is excellent for feeling great the next day.

Take a look at this link and see the results using JuicePlus.

Clinical Research: Juice Plus Delivers Helpful Vital Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition

Clinical Research Results using JuicePlus whole foods
Vine Ripened Whole Foods

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Kelly Slater's Perfect 10 in the Tahiti Semifinals

So much to say about this video clip of John John and Kelly it speaks for itself.

Kelly rides up and over the foam ball, take a look.
Kelly Slater  10  at Tahiti 2014 

These guys make it look easy but this is a serious life and death wave especially at this size.

Take a look for yourself.

Tom Curren Puts Stamp on J-Bay With a Perfect 10

Tom Curren JBay 2014

Tom Curren returns to J-Bay with a perfect 10 and showing age is only a number with this amazing ride and I might add he turned 50 in 2014.