Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunset and Drawing in San Clemente

A cooler time of year when the clouds and color are amazing with the fresh cool air.
This sunset was like a painting that evolved into a mesmerizing combination of colors that made me stop and take some deep breathe and say thank you.
The drawing was inspired from the sunset the day before showing the silhouette of Catalina. As you can see I put a bit more curve in the island with my drawing.

Sunset in San Clemente

sunset drawing in san clemente

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New & Used Shaped & Painted Surfboards

This was the start of painting murals on surfboards. It began in 2003 and on this board I was inspired to paint both sides in a painting named 24 hour dream.
On one side you will see the sun shining and on the other see the moon reflecting in the night.
If your looking for your next surfing board or a wall hanger to Brighton up your home or business or your favorite waves to surf.
All shapes and sizes available and are all proudly hand made and hand shaped in the USA.
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Thanks again and stay inspired.

This is call 24 hour dream and is painted on both sides the other showing the sun.
Surfboard Painting Moon Surf

This was the very first board i painted in 2003 on both sides. Called the 24 hour dream.
Surfboard Painting Sun & Surf