Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Custom made surfboards & art #paulcarterart

I like to document these boards for reference for new boards and designs for myself and customers.

This is a personal board that I rode a few times and really enjoyed it, is super loose and fast, you can cruise or carve the key is to find the speed spots.
This board has a new owner now and I’m stoked to pass it on and I will be making a new one here soon.

San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter

San Clemente surfboards & art Paul Carter

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 Waves of change. 
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Thursday, January 05, 2023

Wave painting art #paulcarterart

I like to create art often.
This is on a recycle piece of the box. I like to draw a sketch of what I’m after and then paint it.
With this painting I used to paint pens and as you can see I didn’t fill in the entire piece of cardboard, so you can see the natural tan color.
Original art wave painting by Paul Carter
We have had some light rain the last few days and already the plants and the mountains are getting much more green with many colors.

Here is a quick clip of the wave painting.  
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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

San Clemente surfboards by Paul Carter

 Time travel at sano 12-2022 some inspiring art of nature.

A mindset with the colors of a blooming Alevera plant.

Moon setting at sano by Paul carter art
This is a 10’2 with 3 redwood stringers I have been riding the last two months getting some ideas for a new board.  
I Handshaped this board in 1999 inspired by some boards I grew up riding and parts of hey Phil Edwards design and Mike Hansen design.
The last time I rode this board was over 10 years ago.   The fin was originally a redfin and I lost the board one day and the fan was loose so I had my buddy take it off and I repainted it with the current design and he clastic back on

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Focus on the good by choice Paul Carter art

Focus on the good by choice.

Having healthy morning rituals, priorities is very important to set the mind and body and the day with positive intentions.

I enjoy watching the sun rise the circadian rhythm of the human biological time peace that we have to choose to set by getting the sunlight in the eyes in the morning.

It’s not about looking at the sun it’s about the sunlight getting in our eyes which regulates many, many healthy systems of our body and the planet with animals and  just about everything on the planet.

Focus on the good by choice, this is a daily hourly training.

To train the mind with positive self talk is life-changing and takes courage and dedication and repetition to train the heart and mind daily.

Each of these sketches and all of the artwork unless it is a commission piece with specific landscape or abstract design, all of the artwork that I create is 95% to 98% inspired spontaneous creativity, and 100% freehand original artwork.

The tree of life to me represents the connection we all have to the planet and to each other.

The importance of planting positive seeds daily and hourly is key for all of us, and future generations.

The design of the lower sketch represents you, me and we have the daily choices to make to either take the time to train the mind or confuse the mind with all of the distractions around us from the inside out.

Taking minimum five minutes to 15 to 30 minutes every morning to meditate and get into your breathing put your hand on your heart to harmonize the heart to the mind.

I will share more about the power of the heart that is scientifically proven is more powerful than the mind.

It also empowering to repeat this process an hour or two before going to sleep to clear the mind for healthy sleep and dreams.

Thank you each for your friendship your positive intentions your business your positive energy and the positive support that helps me to create all of this art for each of you to inspire a healthy and healthier lifestyle from the inside out.
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These books are to inspire the positive thoughts and meditations and affirmations for all ages to learn to color to stay present and to train the brain.

First edition 

Second edition 


Thursday, October 13, 2022

San Clemente surfboards custom painted by Paul Carter

The creative process is a journey in itself from learning shape surfboards by hand since 1993 and to freehand paint these boards directly on the foam is a true test from the inside out. 

These painting and all of the paintings I am inspired ti create at not airbrushed or traced.

Custom shaped and painted surfboards by Paul Carter
To create these boards I will sometimes create a sketch to give the customers an idea from there input and come up with the colors and the size of board to fit in a home or office.

Custom painted surfboards & art by Paul Carter
Learning by doing is how have evolved  and I don’t believe in mistake or failures.
 I look at both as what have I learned? and how will I improve and keep learning?
This last SurfBoard was created out of a blank that was going to be thrown into a dumpster.
It was a 710 Blank and this is the design that I could fit within the blank.

The nose rocker is definitely flatter than the average board, the tail rocker has a nice curve to it.

 The nose is 14.75 wide in the center point is 20.75 and the tail is 14.25.

The thickness with the glass is 2 3/4 in the center with tapered rails.

This board paddles great with plenty of speed and is loose for carving some nice turns.

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To be continued 
Custom made surfboards & Art by Paul Carter


Monday, October 03, 2022

The mind is the gold mine by Paul Carter

The mind is the gold mine.
Training the mind takes time and commitment and courage.
We are all consumed by age 7 and learned both positive and negative thinking from them on.
It’s sounds simple enough right?  Well having the awareness of the daily choices that start mentally play out physically as we choose our own thoughts and priorities in life.
Filling the imagination without seeking validation is a training from the inside out.
Yes meditation and breathing techniques help to learn how to stay present and give the mind a break long enough to retrain it with good thoughts and imagination.
To be continued.

Custom art #paulcarterart

These are to great friends and great surfers I have been surfing with since the early 89s and this day was a spontaneous photo seeing how we each ended up in a place we surfed many many waves together. 
Here is spontaneous sketch of a new board I will be creating soon into 8’6 to 9’6 range.  
I haven’t decided on the length but I am thinking in the 9ft-9’6 range for a variety of waves.
Paulcarterart paulcartersurfboards


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Create your reality by Paul Carter

I’m reminded while I go to these beautiful places the power of staying present with gratitude.
Embrace the imagination daily and create the art and life you want to live.
No validation required.
Learning by doing is priceless and it’s a daily journey of building the confidence in your your mind consistently and continuously daily.