Saturday, November 09, 2019

San Clemente surfboards by Paul Carter

Making of two custom handshaped Surfboards out of one blank.  These boards go back to the roots of wave riding from the islands.

San Clemente Surfboards
Hand shaped Surfboards by Paul Carter 11-19
 I used a 7’4 blank to best match the rocker and thickness I was after.  The blank is by usblanks out of Bashams in San Clemente,Ca.  I literally cut the blank in half.
Hand shaped hand made Surfboards by Paul Carter 11-19
This shot is how much of the thickness I had to cut down using an electric planer, from 3.1/8 down to 1.50 to 1.5/8.
Hand shaped Surfboards by Paul Carter 11-19
 This image shows the outlines which where rounded out and cleaned up.
Surfboards made by a Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter
Custom Surfboards by Paul Carter 11-19

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Painted fin for new surfboard by Paul Carter

Painting process of a new fin for a new 9’2 round pin glass in single fin in the works.
This is Painted on both sides,   a surfer dream perspective from my travels and inspiration.

San Clemente Surfboards & Art By Paul Carter
Painting a fin side 1 by Paul Carter 11-19
This called ( 24 hour dream)it will be glassed on a one of kind solid bass wood wedge stringer.
Surfboards and art by Paul Carter San Clemente
Painting a fin side 2 by Paul Carter 11-19
Keeping the fire stoked with inspired creativity for a new surfboards that is currently cut out and ready for the rough shaping process.
Han Painted art by Paul Carter
Painting a fin by Paul Carter 11-19
This is a freehand painting,  using water based paint pens which gives me more freedom and detail.

Stay tuned for some photos of the completed surfboard showing this custom hand painted fin.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Riding the waves of creativity by Paul Carter

 A great morning surf with good friend the others day on my birthday.  
Had some great waves of research and development on this hand shaped surfboard with many speed spots.

Growing up riding long and short boards and everything in between,  I have learned that each board has many speed spots.   In this photo is one of those speed spots with balance and gravity and martial arts.
Test pilot Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter 10-19
Paul Carter surfing 10-19 R/D
Here is a surf dream freehand Painted on wood.  This is lighting up a home a some positve intentioned friends and people that are part of my tribe.
 Istom hand painted art work by Paul Carter
Original art by Pail Carter 10-19

This is another time capsule of the testing and training with surfing.
Dropping in behind the peak and trimming down into the Power pocket of the wave while on the nose is a unique experience of energy.   
With a variety of board shapes and lengths, widths and tails and rails and rockers etc.  Surfing is limitless and shaping them is unlimited and only limited by ones perception.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Original freehand artwork on the journey by Paul Carter-060 #paulcarterart

A time capsule video of some of the latest art from 2003 to the present.

The fire gets stoked with surfing shaping and art and the whole creative process from the inside out.
Paul Carter surfer-shaper-artist 9-19

Here are some of the many paintings from the journey called life as a human being not a machine.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

New swallow tail surfboard by Paul Carter 9-19

Hello guys thanks for taking the time to check out the blog journal on the journey of life.

Here is a 5'9 by 20.75 around 2.5/8 with a shallow swallow tail.
Custom Surfboards by Paul Carter 9-19
The cutting process with a hand saw,  yes a hand saw.  There is allot to be said about handmade and hand shaped anything for the matter.
Shaping surfboards by Paul Carter 9-19
The completed outline and shape of this fast fish.
Custom made Surfboards all sizes by Paul Carter
Fish surfboard by Paul Carter 9-19 
The beauty of curves and a swallow tail.
San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter
custom surfboards by Paul Carter 9-19
The speed of concaves and the lift through airflow and water flow.  One must adapt and learn by doing the activities.

Keep the fire stoked and keep creating and staying connected to the dirt and water of the earth.
custom hand made surfboards by Paul Carter
custom surfboards by Paul Carter 9-19

Friday, September 06, 2019

Surfer Shaper Artist R/D by Paul Carter #paulcartersurfboards

Some research and development on a 9ft Hand Shaped, Hand Painted Surfboard.

My journey as a Surfer began between age 4-5 next to the jetty at doheny on a 10ft board.  

I Was pushed into a one foot wave and standing with my feet side by side going straight in the the sandy section of the beach.  

Well the fire was lit inside of my mind, spirit, body and soul and the journey began that day.

The ocean and the waves have been a source of facing my fears and healing my soul. 

When I began my journey hand shaping surfboards little did I know I was shaping my own life on many levels.

Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter 8-19
By Mike Muir 

A small day and staying light on my feet, letting the waves do the work for trim speed to do a quick pivot turn.

When I look at the surf shots. I am looking at many aspects a couple being the rail lines and the water lines off the rails.

I enjoy riding many types and styles of surfboards from 5’9 to 10-11ft.

Each board has a different trim speeds and turning spots and some have a few speed spot to tap into.
Paul Carter Surfboards and art 8-19
Surfer  Shaper Artist Paul Carter 8-19 ph-M.Miur

With hand shaping 100% I go through a mental journey to stay present and let go of the mental distractions that might pop up in the sculpting process.

These photos were shot 8-2019 by a long time friend Mike Muir and I am grateful for them.
san clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter
Surfer-Shaper-Artist Paul Carter R/D 8-19 photo by M.Miur

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Freehand art on surfboard fins by Paul Carter 8-19 #paulcarterart

When I started surfing at age  5 it was the beginning of an adventure with the sea and the many waves of change of growth and exploration and facing my fears and staying focused on my dreams and positive goals.

The first fin I painted was put on the second classic 3 stringer I hand shaped was around 94-95.
  It was glassed on the board directly with no box.  It was a 3 stringer at the time from Clark foam, all redwood stringers.   It was and still is a beautiful board with a classic antique Hawaiian painting on the fin. 

When I started painting in 2000 I was inspired to do so and I went for it and been at it ever since.   My journey began with the process of learning by doing. 

The first fin below is two sided using a paint pen and 100% freehand.
I have traveled to beautiful place with amazing waves and tropical and forest landscapes, this a surf dream from parts of my travels and a Surfers dream perspective with a right & left point break.
Freehand art by Paul Carter
Paul Carter freehand art 2019

Surf Shaper Artist craftsman Paul Carter
Custom freehand art in a surfboard fin by Paul Carter 2019
The abstract fin below is a great way to let go of trying to be perfect and to free oneself of the conditioning by learning by doing.   These fins look amazing in the sunlight and the colors and design go with the custom Surfboards that I hand shape.