Thursday, June 08, 2023

New custom paintings native Indian art lifestyle by Paul Carter

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I often think about the way the native Indians lived in this area and throughout the United States.

Each member of the tribe has their specialties or work that is necessary for the whole of the tribe.

The first painting is a combination of the parts of my travels around the world, with my perception perspective of the life I would like to live.
Imagine a time before the Internet before cell phones before cars before electricity.

There are those that are living off of the land, both native, and people of all walks of life that are living, a simple, minimal healthy lifestyle, which I have much respect for.
This painting is the first process I’ve laying all of the ideas out, adding the sky and the ocean colors And the islands.

This is using paint pens on a 11 x 14 canvas board.

Custom artwork by Paul Carter

This is the completed painting, laying on top of an authentic Navajo rug given to me by a good friend.

This is the completed painting, laying on top of a authentic Navajo rug given to me by a good friend.

The shelters are made from the trees as are the teepees from the animals. Everything is used and prayed over with gratitude and thankfulness.

Imagine living off of the land and having to migrate through the seasons, depending on where you lived on the planet.

So with that in mind, the tribe and each individual had to carry what they could from one place to another.

The migrations might be 3 miles to 10 to 20 to 30 miles apart.

Custom original art painting by Paul Carter
Yeah, a couple of hand-painted fans recently sold and now hanging on the wall in a home, thanks guys. 
Custom painted surfboard fins by Paul Carter

 Here’s another inspired painting of the native lifestyle.

I am asked I about painting waves, and in the meaning behind them.

Waves remind me of change. The change of the seasons, the change of ones old conditioning, that no longer serves one self in a positive way.
The waves of change is why I titled the first and second edition coloring books that happen on a daily basis.

To be continued I have a great day keep the creative fire stoked and remember no validation required.

Ustinov made art painting by Paul Carter

Sunday, May 28, 2023

New custom painted surfboard & art by #paulcarterart

Hello positive tribe thank you each for checking out the latest and all the uplifting conversations.

This is a Commission painting on a surfboard supplied by the client.

I shared a few different paintings and designs with the client to look over and they pick out few different colors and parts for this one of kind freehand painting.
Custom hand painted surfboard by Paul Carter
below, you will see the different stages of the painting process, laying out the sky in the water in the islands and the sun
Paul carter art

Here is a short video to get a closer look at the details of the completed painted surfboard mural.

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Always remember to embrace the Inspired Creativity and healthy Lifestyle without validation.

Keep the creative fire stoked with learning by doing daily.

For those that have been thinking about a painted surfboard or specific size painting on canvas let me know at 949-370-5807 thank you 

Friday, May 12, 2023

24 hour dream painting by Paul Carter

 This is a painting named 24 hour dream.

This was originally painted in 2014.  One from the archives and recently highlighted for a new owner, which I’m grateful for.  

A 18x24 original freehand painting on a cedar wood stretched canvas.

Hey, one of a kind painting to flip from the moon to the sun.

Paul carter painted fin 4-2023A new fin in the works with a sketch and a meditation on the mountain.

Sun and moon painting by Paul Carter
Thank you each for the positive support and uplifting conversations always.  
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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Custom painted surfboard fin art freehand by Paul Carter

Hello tribe,   here is my new fin I was inspired to paint.  This will be for my new ten footer recently completed.
This 10’0 is a super glider with many speed spots and made to turn and even carve when waves and inspiration kicks in.
This was hand painted with a top and bottom abstract painting with some original waves.
The board is glassed with 6 bottom double six top with a volan knee patch for knee paddling.  
Tidy I weighed the board and it came in around 20 in a quarter pound, which is excellent.
Custom san Clemente surfboards & art by Painting Paul Carter

So the last 3strnger I shaped was in 1999,  It was a 10’2 with 3 redwood stringers. The center was half inch and the side stringers were quarter inch, the blank was made by Clark foam at the time.
At that time I used a 9.5 DD by fins Unlimited , which worked great gave the board plenty of maneuverability..

Painting by Paul Carter 4-2023
This fan is also a 9.5 DD by fins Unlimited. The fan originally came with a nice green tint in a sanded finish.
With this last full moon, I was inspired to not only paint this fan, but include a full moon and the sunset.

If you look closely at the fan, he will see a silhouette of an individual sitting on the sand the beach which is a great reminder for me to stay present and consistent with self regulating in the morning and throughout the day with proper breathing.

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Keep creating keep the fire stoked. Do not compare your life to anyone’s, unless you’re inspired by individuals. 

Custom surfboard & art by Paul Carter

Monday, April 10, 2023

My new custom longboard by Paul Carter

This is a 10 foot 3strnger custom Blank by US blanks.

There are three redwood stringers a 1-1/4 center with 2-1/8 inch side stringers.

This is a remake of a 10,2 I shaped in 1999. Originally inspired from a Phil Edwards outline and a Mike Hynson outline. 

The panels were inspired from a 9’4, 1968 Hansen hustler longboard I had when I was 15 years old. I rode the Hanson for many years and it had red panels on it.
Custom made surfboards & art by Paul Carter

I decided to paint the panels on this new board with an abstract design, with two shades of the base colors from top to bottom.  I added more detail using paint pens. 

I added some original freehand sketches of waves on the board along with some positive reminders.

Thank you each for your support. 

See you in the surf.

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Custom surfboards & art by Paul Carter


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Original art positive painting by Paul Carter

Staying present is very important with proper breathing and the awareness of your breathing or not breathing is a training.

This is a 11 x 14 on canvas board and original freehand art piece. I like to add positive words and reminders for myself and I’m finding out for most of the people that I run into appreciate them.

Most of the artwork I create is inspired, and I’m working on acting and creating from that inspiration. When it comes to custom Surfboards, I will get the general idea of the design, depending if it’s a mural or abstract with some sketches and positive words.

I used Poska paint pens on this painting, and I try different techniques to lighten up the colors to give her more earth tones instead of the neon colors, all the time which are great as well.
Custom original artwork by Paul Carter
Here is a short video from my YouTube channel and thank you each that have subscribe to the channel. 
I call it the positive tribe. 
I appreciate all of you. Thank you.
You can find me on Instagram under Paul Carter art. Do you have any questions or comments? Let me know custom Surfboards and commission art pieces are available upon request.


Friday, March 24, 2023

Custom classic 10’4 longboard with 2 colors by Paul Carter

Here is a custom 10’4 with 3 redwood stringers made by  USblanks.
This has a cool green tint with a nice looking blue tint  bottom.  I like to call these earth tones.
Custom surfboards by Paul Carter

This is made for waist to shoulder high waves with plenty of planning surface and width for the glide.

Thank you each for the positive support over the years since 1993. I also thank you each for your positive words intentions, and uplifting conversations. See you in the surf spring is here.

Also you will see some freehand artwork waves the customer requested. 
San Clemente surfboards by Paul Carter
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