Saturday, November 28, 2020

Learn to draw waves and abstract painting

Learning by doing is the only way.

Here is a few photos and a recent video of parts of the drawing and painting process.

What are my favorite drawings is the sun it represents so much energy and power for plants to grow for a Health for a well  been
Learn to draw a sun demo/tips all ages
This was a gloss and polished board and the reflection on this photo gives a lot more depth to the art.

Custom surfboards and art by Paul Carter
I wanted to include a photo of the painting and parts of the drawing before Glassing. 

 This is directly on the foam blank.  

I would suggest practicing on paper or wood or canvas before attempting this on a surfboard.

It is a one shot deal, so it’s important to build your confidence before doing so.

How to draw and paint a surfboard by Paul Carter

 Thanks a lot for your positive support energy and intentions.  

Keep Creating often.

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Waves of change inside out

I am grateful and thankful for all the family and friends that have been there with positive energy and intentions.

This book came about on a journey that really began in January of 2018.

A step into the unknown mentally, spiritually, physically, and a soul that needed to truly learn and know thyself.

The book is a journey of drawings that helped me get back on track from the inside out.

In this first edition I did not tell the story of the life changing journey in writing but I did share many parts of the journey through the sketches and drawings with many positive words and intentions.

In the video below I am going through some coloring tips and sharing a time capsule for all generations to either get reminded or learn from the power of the mind.

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Printed in the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ By a surfer shaper artist๐Ÿ—

Monday, September 28, 2020

R/D Paul Carter surfboards

I began surfing at age 4.50 and started shaping in 1993 and painting in 2000.

Growing up riding just about every surfboard design available I have realized the importance of planing speed and letting the board and wave create the speed before going into a turn.
Paul Carter surfing surfboards 9-20
This is a speed bank turn, that does not take a lot of energy, when the board has the planing speed and correct rocker and rails to do so.

This board is a round pin and is great for smoother turns. 

 I am working on a new board which will be a squash tail for quicker turns.

Surfer girl paul Carter surfboards 9-20
This is a fellow tribe member Julie powering through a nice speed section on her 9ft pin tail.
Ian trestles Paul Carter surfboards  9-20

 A great time capsule of Ian heading into Trestles.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Custom painted hats by Paul Carter

Hello guys here is some of the latest custom hats freehand painted.

Custom painted hats by Paul Carter

Two of these are commission order for Al.  

The name comes from a journey in the last 2-3 years and many drawings which is now a book.

Painted hats by San Clemente surfboards by Paul Carter

The first edition now available on amazon, a unique coloring book for all ages with journal pages as well to remember the good in daily life. 

Painted hats by surfer shaper artist Paul Carter

  Drawing and journaling kept me present and focused on getting fit mentally, spiritually and physically.

I am very grateful for my family and friends for the positive thoughts energy intentions flowing.

Here is the link to this one of kind book, every dollar is helping to a important newer van fir my business and lifestyle.

  My current van just hit another milestone of 377.000 miles, to be continued 

Buy the book here ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿพ

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Tropical painted surf dream by Paul Carter

Custom painted surfboards in SoCal by a professional Surfer•Shaper•Artist since 1993.

The first board is painted on a shortboard wood outline measured the same way as hand shaped polyurethane Blank would be.

A tropical island surf dream from traveling to the islands of Hawaii and experiencing the lush beauty of Kauai.

This second surfboard was one of my personal surfboards a 6’3 by 20.50 by 2.3/8 thick.

A really fun, fast and maneuverable board with a little more curve and width for that extra planing and paddling speed.

Look closely at the painting and you will see the original abstract painting underneath the existing painting.

Board is on display on Del Mar street in San Clemente, Ca, at a business called Abode, it is currently available as I write this๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

Custom surfboards & art by Paul Carter

This third board was Commission by Dietrich coffeehouse and was hanging in there Malibu store for about four years before they sold to Starbucks.

A hand shaped and hand-painted 9 foot board which was sold to an individual who actually rode the board for about a year. 

When shaping these boards it is my intention that they are real functional surfboard to be surfed on.

A few years later the individual contacted me and was looking for a shorter board.

The bottom of the board had a few dings and scratches which were patched, the top is in really good shape.

I had it sanded and I highlighted some of the parts of the painting and had it re-glossed and polished, and it looks awesome.

The board is at Bashams and currently available for the time being. 

The store is in San Clemente California at 209 calle de Los molinos.

Stop in and check it out it’s a beautiful piece that will light up your home or business.

Original art surfboards by Paul Carter
Thanks for checking out the journey.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Surfboards San Clemente by Paul Carter

Some of the latest creations on the journey.

A 9’6 single fin 

A 7’8 three fin 

A 9ft with a 2+1 set up 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Custom art by Paul Carter

Painting on the creative journey by inspiration is key when one acts on it and executes.
A custom 8ft board for those that want a little more paddle and the options of speed and tight turns when permitted.

A custom painting on a 8ft board, stop in at Bashams off pico and Los molinos in San Clemente to see the growing quiver of functional unique surfboards. 

More to follow so check them out and pick up a one of kind surfboard made by a professional surfer•shaper•artist 

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