Monday, April 26, 2021

Custom Trestles surfboard & art Paul Carter

I am excited to put this board through some R/D steps and find the speed spots. 

A 6’4 reshaped out of a 7’10 blank that eas going to the dumpster.  

A medium nose rocker with a 20.75 width for the planing speed.

This is a latest sketch with pencil along with some positive reminders for life. 

The pencil to black ink really makes this pop out with more detail and depth. 

This will be in a future book.

Thank you for checking out the latest on the healthy lifestyle journey.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Custom retro surfboards & art by Paul Carter

A modern retro outline complete with a 1970s beak nose and a combination 70s and 89 outline, with modern rails and and bottom curves.  Having the 5 fin boxes give many options.   

Paul Carter surfboards 2021

San Clemente surfboards custom made
This can be made in a variety of sizes custom for you. 

This can also be made with a single box or a 2 + 1 set up.   Made to order and thank you each for you’re positive support, energy and intentions always. 

Custom shaped surfboards by Paul Carter


Rainbow inspirations by Paul Carter

Embrace the inspired creativity.

I recently saw an awesome rainbow and this is the creativity I was inspired to create. 

Rainbow  art by Paul Carter

As a 100% heterosexual I think it’s important to share the journey of art without judgement. 

I am finding how empowering it is to really stay focused with a positive perception daily.

I thank you each fir your positive support energy and intentions to create custom surfboards and artwork for your home and personal pleasures.  


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Embrace the abstract art no validation required

Embrace the abstract art journey.

Abstractart is a great exercise in letting go of being perfect and letting go of validation and simply embracing the entire creative process.
Abstract art by paul Carter 2-2021
Here is a great time lapse both vertically and horizontally of creating this abstract art.

 Keep creating it keeps the fire stoked with consistency.

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 I appreciate the positive support and intentions always have a great day

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Monday, February 01, 2021

San Clemente surfboards by Paul Carter

First step measure and template the board,  next step cut the within 1/8 inch of the outline.
Custom surfboards all sizes by Paul Carter
The blue room of creativity a custom shortboard in the works.    In this photo I am checking the tail rocker and rails.   Everything you see curves etc are shaped using the electric planer.
Surfer shaper artist Paul Carter custom surfboards
In this photo I taped off the biard for a 4 inch abstract stripe down the middle o. Tom the top and bottom of the board. 
Painting a surfboard abstract art by Paul Carter 2021
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Thanks for the positive support and intentions🙏🏾

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Custom surfboards & art all shapes and sizes

Embracing the creativity More takes discipline in the clear positive focus to truly take the steps to keep creating daily

Custom surfboards & art by Paul Carter

Here is a custom 91 performance nose rider with original abstract artwork and a custom sun design drawing/painting for the customer.
Painting the sun on a surfboard by Paul Carter

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