Sunday, February 11, 2024

The power of positive perceptions by Paul Carter

 the power of positive perceptions

Learning to have a positive perception is a training a daily practice of awareness.

What do you see in this first picture? Where does your perception go?

Time capsule by Paula Carter 2-2024
I am reminded of the power of staying present today, in the moment to experience the beauty of nature and life much more.
Seeing the beauty of nature by Paul Carter
Clouds are amazing and they represent abstract Expressionism and visionary art because there’s so much to see in the layers and the colors in the shades of clouds. 
See the good in the clouds of life by Paul Carter
As I look at this time capsule, I’m reminded of the importance of a strong mind with strong roots.

Learning to self regulate out of the sympathetic nervous system into the parasympathetic nervous system is very important on a daily basis
Palm trees, silhouette by Paul Carter

 Thank you for following the journey.

For those that would like to learn a powerful, beginning, breathing meditation Simply call for a 10-20 minute phone conversation.  

A time to listen and learn about the options to better health and happiness.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Freedom & prosperity art by Paul Carter

Freedom and prosperity

What do those two words mean to you?

Freedom to me means by choice not chance.

Prosperity to me is much more than money.

Spirituality to me it’s not about religion. It’s about relationship to oneself and a higher positive, power or name you choose.

Creative art sketches by Paul Carter
This freedom sketch was inspired by a conversation I had on the phone with an individual who was present and focused with positive intention.

I did share with the individual that I was creating a sketch by the different words that came up for each of us in our uplifting conversation.

Here is the completed sketch for you to go on a journey through your own perceptions and see how you think and feel as you read and see what you want to see And perceive.

Custom art sketches by Paul Carter, sanclementesurfboards
Here is a completed sketch on prosperity with some positive reminders of what really matters in one’s life and in my life.  These are some of the choices and new perceptions that I’ve worked on.

Thank you each for taking the time to read this blog journal of my journey of learning by doing. 

I look forward to seeing you in the water and having positive uplifting conversations on land.
Positive freehand art by Paul Carter


Monday, January 01, 2024

Silence in a sunset San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter

Silence in the sunset

Watching a sunset is an empowering time to reflect on the day with gratitude.

The first image is a panoramic, painted surfboard, showing San Clemente to Dana Point.

Today is 1230, 2023 a short reflection of the last year of growth from the inside out of the uplifting empowering conversations with family and friends.  I think each and everyone of you for the Positive support and intentions.

Sanclementesurfboards & art by Paul Carter
Whoever you are in the world, take that time to watch the sunset, as well as watch the sunrise it’s powerful to keep the body on the circadian rhythm of the Sun.
Sunset at Sano by Paul Carter
Keep life simple and minimal with healthy priorities, and healthy boundaries.   
Respect yourself and others and remember with awareness of one’s thoughts and the feelings you have to choose either positive or negative.  So ask yourself often, do I like the way I am thinking and feeling..
The more one becomes aware of the negative conditioning the more one will retrain the mind. 
Changes will happen quickly the more present one becomes.
Dana Point Sunset by Paul Carter
I like to get into my breathing, while watching a sunset, taking 3 to 5 deep diaphragm breaths in my nose and out the mouth.

 Time capsule of the journey of surfing shaping and art 

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Minimal healthy lifestyle art by Paul Carter

Simple, minimal healthy lifestyle, what and where does your perception go with that statement or title?
I am reminded of the importance of healthy priorities. What are my intentions today for the day.?
. This sketch is a reminder of the native life of living in handmaid structures. Getting back to nature, growing one’s own food and staying grounded and connected to nature. I’m finding is very important for a healthy mind, spirit and body..
Time travel art by Paul Carter
Getting out in nature is very important to get and stay grounded.  Put your feet on the ground, in the sand wherever you are..
Having places that are quiet in nature are very empowering on many levels.  Disconnecting from all of the devices is important while you are in nature.
The sketch reminds me of keeping life as simple as possible minimal as possible, and still live a healthy happy quality lifestyle.
It’s not about being perfect. No one is perfect.  Ego is insecurity and constantly looking for validation..  Confidence is learning by doing through experience, and not looking for Validation in one’s life.
Community is important, with family and friends, having trusting people that you can have open and honest and uplifting conversations with is very important.
We are all condition from childhood one way or another, and as we grow up with more awareness one is able to think, see and feel what is important for one’s happiness and health and wealth.
And as I write these words, I’m reminded that each of you that read these words will have your own perception with them.  What is wealth for you?   Some people, call it prosperity, which in my mind is much more than money.
It’s not the survival of the fittest it’s about one’s intention with people, places and things.
It’s community it’s a tribe it’s working together to thrive not just to survive.
Take the time to know they self to clean house mentally and physically.  That can be sitting down, and with a pen and paper and writing out all of the things that matter, and don’t matter, For your health and happiness.
In the past when I was going through a time of stress or confusion, I would sit down and write by myself in a safe place with no one around.  I would let my mind and heart open up and write out anything and everything that came out. 
During this time of writing and releasing and renewing, I would sometimes open up and release tears of all types of emotions.  I say, and share this as 100% heterosexual male.  For men, crying or shedding tears was a sign of weakness growing up.  What I found in my self, and with other men who shared their tears of joy and happiness and sadness.  It was and is a sign of great strength just the opposite of the conditioning I learned along the way.
The image below is a great reminder of taking a black-and-white sketch or situation and retraining, the mind and adding color to one’s life with a more positive self talk, which will empower a positive perspective and perception.
It’s a daily training of focusing on all of the good and learning by doing in the process.  It’s a daily awareness of one’s self talk and the conversations we have with family and friends and people who we might just meet for the first time on the daily journey.
For those that have made it to this point of reading one of the key points of (releasing writing) is I did not go back and read what I wrote during the session.  I actually burn them or shredded the paper to release and let go of all those thoughts, feelings, and emotions that weren’t uplifting and helping me grow from the inside out.
Thank you for reading the blog journey and thank you for all of the uplifting positive conversations I have with you.  Life is about growing forward, not simply going forward.  Embrace the waves of change daily..
Custom art by Paul Carter


Thursday, November 09, 2023

Custom original art by #paulcarterart

Time travel through art.
When I look at these original paintings, it takes me back to so many time periods on this journey.

These are some of the original art pieces from the past to the present.

The keyhole painting is three-quarter inch plywood that a neighbor was throwing out that I knew would be great.

Keep in mind each one of these pieces is a small reflection of the mental, spiritual physical journey that I was on at that time frame.

The painting under the keyhole was originally a painting of convict Lake on the way to Mammoth.
Yes, I decided to put some waves on the lake and the moon was shining as well.

The painting just to the right of the teepee on the hilltop was originally all black on the white canvas, depicting a native lifestyle.
I decided to add some color and take it to a different level of art.
Original art by Paul Carter
I really like abstract it makes one see what they perceive.

I learned at an early age, the power of positive thinking and feelings which kept growing as the years went on.
Custom art by Paul carter
Each one of these paintings are original freehand, art using acrylic, paints, and paint pens.

This last group of paintings are pretty current. Each one of these paintings have the dates on them to reflect the timeframe on the journey.

I think each and everyone of you for joining the positive tribe on Instagram and YouTube.

I appreciate all of the uplifting and positive conversations.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out, thank you.

Custom surfboards and art by Paul Carter


Monday, October 09, 2023

Living without validation art by Paul Carter

What does living without validation mean to you?
No matter how we are raised being an only child or the youngest of nine, whatever your situation is sooner or later one has to take responsibility with awareness and courage to clean house of the negative conditioning we all have.
I don’t believe in luck or mistakes I believe in learning by doing that is the key
Experience is priceless and there are no losers or winners if one is not learning. 
It’s the people that look at all of the positives all the good no matter the situation are the ones that learn by doing and grow from the inside out with a more healthy positive perspective and perception.

Sunset Laguna beach 2023 by Paul Carter
When I began surfing, I went through many layers of conditioning, and I kept at it.  Yes I went through all of the ups and downs. And yes, I went through the ego journey through the teens and 20s and 30s not knowing I was holding myself back.
To live without validation is true freedom. When getting knocked down or stuck on the merry-go-round the key is getting back up.  
One of the stronger traits I learned early on is to always focus on the good no matter what.
I look at the painting below and I am grateful and thankful that I kept learning how to sketch and blend colors and paint these murals.  This is a painting of San Clemente and Dana Point little did I know that when I started shaping surfboards in 1993 I would begin my art journey in 2000 and combining the two art forms into these original one of kind painted murals.

Custom made Surfboards an art by Paul Carter
The video is some of the latest inspired art creativity with Surfboards and a little clip of Surfing from my friend Tyler Warren video shot by Ryan Chang.
What does ego mean to you?

This photo below is from Mike Muir I’ve known since I was about 14 or 15.
The over lay image was created, by julianna danson using my art.
I look at these photos, and I’m grateful and thankful for these time capsules of Surfing and Art and Boards, and I share them with confidence to inspire.

PaulCarter Surfing photo by Mike Muir

 Wouldn’t it be awesome to time travel I believe when we think of something or someone and we feel those thoughts and feelings and emotions that’s when we attract them and create them.

I do think time travel is here and has been here for centuries, and when you learn the power of the mind and body one can time travel anywhere on the planet
I do think there is a time machine and it has been around for centuries.  To be continued.
 I thank each and everyone of you for joining the positive creative tribe.   Join the journey on instagram and YouTube both are under paulcarterart..

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Keeping the surfboards moving by Paul Carter

This is a used 9’6 I have been riding over the summer of 2023.
Has nice blue tint with a 18.50 nose 22.75 width and a 15.50 tail.
This is a stable board that nose rides great and when you want to cruise or get on the gas it carves.

This is at Bashams and San Clemente again this is a used born. It has some small dings that are patched in water tight and ready t..
I have a new 96 in line and I like to keep the boards rotating before they get to beat up.
Call bashams 949-361-2203 to see if still available.
you can call me directly for a custom boards all shapes and sizes. Thank you..
Custom surfboards by Paul Carter