Thursday, June 11, 2020

Healthy daily reminders by Paul Carter

It is very important to have the daily activities and reminders for a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many awesome beautiful places right in the areas will all live.  

Here are some from the journey in the last month checking out the Seasonal beauty of nature.

Inspired by nature by Paul Carter 5-2020
I alway her inspired by the many rich deep colors of plants and trees.
Explore your area
The beauty of nature by Paul Carter 5-2020

A nice time capsule of the beauty all around us.

Thanks for checking out the journey I appreciate your positive support energy and intentions.

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Shaping & thanking you by Paul Carter

One of the recent custom boards a 10’4 single fin set up with a custom paint design.

It’s journey to hand shape any board especially a 10’6.    A custom wedge stringer by US blanks Makes this even more unique.
Surfboards & art by Paul Carter
San Clemente surfboards by Paul Carter 2020

The clean lines of a fine sanded surfboard gives the shadows in the shaping room more depth and detail.
Custom made art by Paul Carter San Clemente
Freehand art by Paul Carter 5-20

A custom four inch abstract paint design with the sun rays shining over the top. 

Look forward to designing your next custom surfboard or art piece.

Call 949-370-5807 for a appointment.

Thanks for checking out the latest 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Creativity is healthy by Paul Carter

Time capsule of. Sketch into a drawing process of the power of perceptions.

To stay healthy it takes focus and consistency mentally, spiritually and physically daily.

Embracing the waves of change from the past to the present into the future.
I am grateful and thankful for all your positive support and intentions.

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The first edition coloring book for all ages to activate the right and left brain and fill it with some positive words, reminders and pictures.

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Sunday, May 03, 2020

Custom hand painted surfboards by Paul Carter

A time capsule of embracing the creative journey and to keep the fire stoked with all accomplishments along the way.  

Thank you each for all your positive support and intentions.

I am grateful for each of you.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Positive thoughts for life

A recent mountain bike ride that reminded me of the importance of choosing a path or trail and take the steps or keep peddling.

This is a very unique time in history with the closing of businesses and beaches and to stay at home.

I have been thinking how can I help people during this time and even before this time and yes into the future???

What can I share with positive intentions that will inspire people to learn to know thyself more and more and stop looking for validation or what others may think.

I have lived a lot of my life with these thoughts of comparing to approval,  self worth and self esteem and I know I have been held back from embracing my full creativity and passion and purpose because of it.

So here we are 4-17-2020 and as I type these words I know that it’s time to share my passion and creativity with the positive intention and purpose to help you grow as I grow with a whole new confidents to live a healthy life and healthier lifestyle.

Inspired by God Paul Carter
The journey of life by Paul Carter 4-2020

This video is a timeless time capsule I recently watched and it reminded me how learning by doing is a choose the only way to keep growing forward from the inside out. 

To Be Continued

Thank you for checking in and I really appreciate each of you for your positive support and intentions.

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Monday, March 30, 2020

The waves a change by Paul Carter

The waves of daily change continue from the inside out.   
A video/vlog or the journey of inspired creativity and learning by doing.

San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter Surfer Shaper Artist
The journey by Paul Carter 3-20

This video is a time capsule of many parts of this journey on a mental, spiritual, physical path of taking the daily steps into the unknown.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the latest.

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Inspired creativity by Paul Carter

Inspired art from black and white to color. 

 Did these on a zoom call with Brophy art academy and Phil Roberts both created a niche for their unique art.

This was my own style of a wave that Phil was showing some simple tips to creating waves.
Original art by Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter
Black & white wave to color  by Paul Carter 3-20

This is a rock I have had for over a year now and was inspired to add some color to it.

It is a good exercise to keep the creative fire stoked with the process of painting and drawing.

Thanks for checking out the latest, I really appreciate your positive support energy and intentions.

Painted rock by Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter
Native art painted rock by Paul Carter 3-20

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