Friday, September 01, 2023

The art of solitude by Paul Carter

The art of solitude by Paul Carter 

What is your perception of solitude?
Look up the definition of solitude.

Do you look for solitude at times during a busy day?
I enjoy solitude and I enjoy empowering conversations.

Solitude is a time to learn to know thyself more. To process the good thoughts and negative thoughts and the feelings and emotions one would like to have more of.

In the evening time I like to reflect on the day and the conversations with others and myself with more awareness on what are healthy priorities or not.

I’m reminded often of the importance of self regulating through proper breathing and eating and exercise.

Here is a recent painting I’m working on with the bright colors of nature.  This fin I’m told was found in the ocean rocks and sold at a garage sale. 
I like to recycle things and give them a new life instead of ending up in a landfill.
I clean up the fin and sand it with 80-100 grit before painting.  This fin was apparently reshaped down from a larger fin in the 9 to 10 inch range.
Custom painted surfboard fins by Paul Carter
Above is the first side starting with an outline then adding the colors as you see.

Above is a time capsule of some positive reminder sketches on my YouTube channel.  Thank you each for joining the tribe  and clicking subscribe and all the thumbs up👍🏾

Custom painted fin by Paul CarterHere is the other side showing the moon.   I will be adding some palm trees to both sides and then a clear coat to protect and seal the painting.

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