Thursday, December 04, 2008

RD on a San Clemente Surfboard

I have recently been riding a 7'2 by 21.25 wide by 2.50 thick. This Surfboard was originally made for a guy weighing 200 pounds. This is wide tail in the 15 range rounded squash. The nose comes in at 16.75 round nose. As for the fin set up it is quad fin or four fin if you like that word instead. I rode the board in waste to head high and I was stoked on the speed it generated not only off the tail but also being able to move up to center of the board and generate speed through the speed sections of the waves like trestles. This is a Surfboard that one can even hang five on with total control through long sections as well. If you have the balance and confidants you can even hang a ten on the nose. I will work on getting a photo soon of this board and another magic 6ft I've been riding. As for this four fin Surfboard I'm excited about shaping new board in all different size from 6ft to 8ft for kids and adults that want the paddle and the flow and the speed in one all around board which is also made with the center box so every fin set up is covered from the fish to twin with a small trailer to the three fin into the four fin set up. I test ride each new design myself before recommending them to anyone. Have a great day and enjoy the ride of life today.