Sunday, February 11, 2024

The power of positive perceptions by Paul Carter

 the power of positive perceptions

Learning to have a positive perception is a training a daily practice of awareness.

What do you see in this first picture? Where does your perception go?

Time capsule by Paula Carter 2-2024
I am reminded of the power of staying present today, in the moment to experience the beauty of nature and life much more.
Seeing the beauty of nature by Paul Carter
Clouds are amazing and they represent abstract Expressionism and visionary art because there’s so much to see in the layers and the colors in the shades of clouds. 
See the good in the clouds of life by Paul Carter
As I look at this time capsule, I’m reminded of the importance of a strong mind with strong roots.

Learning to self regulate out of the sympathetic nervous system into the parasympathetic nervous system is very important on a daily basis
Palm trees, silhouette by Paul Carter

 Thank you for following the journey.

For those that would like to learn a powerful, beginning, breathing meditation Simply call for a 10-20 minute phone conversation.  

A time to listen and learn about the options to better health and happiness.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Freedom & prosperity art by Paul Carter

Freedom and prosperity

What do those two words mean to you?

Freedom to me means by choice not chance.

Prosperity to me is much more than money.

Spirituality to me it’s not about religion. It’s about relationship to oneself and a higher positive, power or name you choose.

Creative art sketches by Paul Carter
This freedom sketch was inspired by a conversation I had on the phone with an individual who was present and focused with positive intention.

I did share with the individual that I was creating a sketch by the different words that came up for each of us in our uplifting conversation.

Here is the completed sketch for you to go on a journey through your own perceptions and see how you think and feel as you read and see what you want to see And perceive.

Custom art sketches by Paul Carter, sanclementesurfboards
Here is a completed sketch on prosperity with some positive reminders of what really matters in one’s life and in my life.  These are some of the choices and new perceptions that I’ve worked on.

Thank you each for taking the time to read this blog journal of my journey of learning by doing. 

I look forward to seeing you in the water and having positive uplifting conversations on land.
Positive freehand art by Paul Carter


Monday, January 01, 2024

Silence in a sunset San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter

Silence in the sunset

Watching a sunset is an empowering time to reflect on the day with gratitude.

The first image is a panoramic, painted surfboard, showing San Clemente to Dana Point.

Today is 1230, 2023 a short reflection of the last year of growth from the inside out of the uplifting empowering conversations with family and friends.  I think each and everyone of you for the Positive support and intentions.

Sanclementesurfboards & art by Paul Carter
Whoever you are in the world, take that time to watch the sunset, as well as watch the sunrise it’s powerful to keep the body on the circadian rhythm of the Sun.
Sunset at Sano by Paul Carter
Keep life simple and minimal with healthy priorities, and healthy boundaries.   
Respect yourself and others and remember with awareness of one’s thoughts and the feelings you have to choose either positive or negative.  So ask yourself often, do I like the way I am thinking and feeling..
The more one becomes aware of the negative conditioning the more one will retrain the mind. 
Changes will happen quickly the more present one becomes.
Dana Point Sunset by Paul Carter
I like to get into my breathing, while watching a sunset, taking 3 to 5 deep diaphragm breaths in my nose and out the mouth.

 Time capsule of the journey of surfing shaping and art