Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Custom 2 & 3 stringer surfboards by Paul Carter-058 #paulcartersurfboards

I am always stoked to share the creative journey from the past to the present in this photo is a custom 3 stringer clark foam blank from 2006. 

This is the new stoked owner Lenden with a one of kind stringer set up with two curved stringers with sunset colors in the first photo and the mid morning water colors in the second photo.

 In the video you will see the second custom board with a wedge stringer set up by usblanks.

custom made surfboards all shapes and sizes San Clemente Surfboards by Paul Carter
Custom 3 stringer Hand shaped by
Paul Carter

Hand shaped surfboards made in the USA by Paul Carter
3 stringer by Paul Carter
Clark Foam blank

This was the one I painted of 5 total at the present date and mirenin the way.

Check out the video to getting a close up perspective of the stringers and the colors.   Join the tribe Click Subscribe👍🏾Thanks for watching.

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