Monday, April 10, 2023

My new custom longboard by Paul Carter

This is a 10 foot 3strnger custom Blank by US blanks.

There are three redwood stringers a 1-1/4 center with 2-1/8 inch side stringers.

This is a remake of a 10,2 I shaped in 1999. Originally inspired from a Phil Edwards outline and a Mike Hynson outline. 

The panels were inspired from a 9’4, 1968 Hansen hustler longboard I had when I was 15 years old. I rode the Hanson for many years and it had red panels on it.
Custom made surfboards & art by Paul Carter

I decided to paint the panels on this new board with an abstract design, with two shades of the base colors from top to bottom.  I added more detail using paint pens. 

I added some original freehand sketches of waves on the board along with some positive reminders.

Thank you each for your support. 

See you in the surf.

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Custom surfboards & art by Paul Carter