Friday, July 17, 2015

New San Clemente surfboards Hand Shapes

New San Clemente handshaped surfboards since 1993.

A nice selection from a 5'5 to 6ft a 8ft into a 8'10 to a 9'4 a 9'6 and finishing it off with 10ft.

Custom in all shapes and sizes for all ages.

For my active lifestyle for optimum health and energy this is what I use everyday.

Check out my video and my links on my site for what I use for my daily foundation and fuel.

Why? Health is why I take 30 fruits and Vegies and berries everyday 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Organic gardening easy

growing organic easy dirt free
dirt free organic gardening
fresh salads daily
Organic gardening made easy with very low maintenance and 90-95% less water.

 I'm  growing tomatoes to spinach to Swiss chard and kale to name a few.

I have a smoothie or a salad every day or at least one or the other.
Grow organic green easy for smoothies and salads daily
fresh smoothies daily
Drink plenty of water and eat live foods as much as possible.

Check out my YouTube channel for all kinds of videos and my site for my optimum health links.

Stay stoked and inspired