Friday, September 08, 2017

Painting surfboards & health tips by Paul Carter #038

Hello thank you for your time and checking out the latest surfboard and artworks with this spontaneous Live feed.

This is a time capsule of my story as a surfer/shaper/artist with some painting tips video and healthy tips that I have learned on this journey.

It is so important to stay focused on taking care of oneself daily, what I have learned that works for me is to feed the mind and body first thing in the morning with healthy positive foods for the mind and the body before I get into the my life and priorities 

Some of what feeding the mind look like for me is reading the amazing stories in the bible and lately I have been listening to Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton ministries on youtube and study along with the videos. 
                                       San Clemente Surfboards & Artwork by Paul Carter
The next thing I like to do is some strengthening and stretching which consists of some push ups, sit ups, and legs exercises each varying depending on the day.   

My outdoor activities range from surfing, riding, jogging, hiking to name a few of the powerful grounding exercise to clear the mind and stay stoked and fit from the inside out. 

The third important key is feeding the body with optimum micro and macro nutrition for maintaining a daily recovery and repair foundation to enjoy living a healthy quality lifestyle.  

I know that I am responsible for my health, happiness and wealth by my daily choices and I have been on the dark side searching with drugs and alcohol and people, places and things that have led to truly trusting the one true source and creator of all things good which is GOD.  

Now I know your conditioning is going to many places in your mind and I also know that for me to share this is a step of faith with positive intentions to inspire and help you not waste this valuable life and stop waiting for something to happen, all the while knowing now more than ever it is up to me to do the work and the activity to keep growing forward today and every day.

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