Sunday, March 27, 2022

Springtime inspiration by Paul Carter

It’s very inspiring for me to experience the 4 seasons of color and spring is the most colorful time want nature.

Those are wild flowers above and below are flowers from the ecology center In San Juan Capistrano.

It is a certified regenerative organic farm open seven days a week with healthy clean produce and much more.

Get out and explore nature in your areas and embrace it all with gratitude.
I get inspired to create art from nature to reading the Bible to movies to music and much more.

This is a spontaneous sketch of healthy positive reminders for the daily journey of life.  

The first Edition of (waves of change) was a time of about 3/4 years with a few later sketches that really helped keep my mind-spirit-body & soul present and focused on the positives in my life.   

Positive art by surfer shaper artist Paul Carter
It is important for myself to take time in the early morning to meditate on gratitude and thank God for the gift of life and family and friends.  

Here is the first edition book and thank you for choosing to stay focused on the positive waves of change daily.  

 Waves of change