Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Focused on a new chapter Art

A new creative focus please read fully.
A native sunset dream with an abstract background and an island getaway reminder to breathe deep in the moment and let go of the distractions and the mind chatter and focus on all the good thoughts and pictures and thank God for the powerful mind, spirit, body and soul we have been gifted with.  
Here is the link to the painting join the tribe thanks.
Starting February 1st today,  I will be taking a break on shaping for the next 4 months focusing on my art and creativity, dialing in the teaching and training format that has helped me from the inside out that I know will help all of you on many levels.  I will be doing individual trainings from meditation to stretching to fitness to nutrition . Thank you for all your support and positive intentions to family, friends and new friends from the past to the present into the future.

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