Saturday, April 05, 2008

The retail end of surfing

Retail is interesting when you stop and look at most of the retail stores what separates them all from each other? Think about people what separates the so called surf shops these days? Is it just me or do I see the same clothing companies in most of the surf shops up and down the coast. The so called surf shops would be nothing without the SURFBOARD period. The billion dollar clothing industry would be none existent without the surfboard. So next time you go into the surf shops in your area take a look around and see how many stores carry the same clothing and the same surfboards. The surfboard is what separates the so called surf shops take away the surfboards what do you have? Even before I started shaping I had the opportunity to talk to most of the guys who shaped my boards. The one thing people don't realize is how great it is to be able to talk with a shaper, especially the ones that actually ride everything short or long. So if want a custom board or one off the rack come in and talk to me the surfer/shaper and the artist for the board made for your ability and where you like to surf. San Clemente Surfboards & Art is a modern day surf gallery of hand made surfboards and art with strong roots to the past, carrying on the soul and spirit and tradition to the present surfers of today. Remember it does not matter what you ride we are all surfers period.
Spring is a great time of the seasons so enjoy each day and grow forward.