Saturday, November 19, 2022

Focus on the good by choice not chance

Focus on the good by choice.

Having healthy morning rituals, priorities is very important to set the mind and body and the day with positive intentions.

I enjoy watching the sun rise the circadian rhythm of the human biological time peace that we have to choose to set by getting the sunlight in the eyes in the morning.

It’s not about looking at the sun it’s about the sunlight getting in our eyes which regulates many, many healthy systems of our body and the planet with animals and  just about everything on the planet.

Focus on the good by choice, this is a daily hourly training.

To train the mind with positive self talk is life-changing and takes courage and dedication and repetition to train the heart and mind daily.

Each of these sketches and all of the artwork unless it is a commission piece with specific landscape or abstract design, all of the artwork that I create is 95% to 98% inspired spontaneous creativity, and 100% freehand original artwork.

The tree of life to me represents the connection we all have to the planet and to each other.

The importance of planting positive seeds daily and hourly is key for all of us, and future generations.

The design of the lower sketch represents you, me and we have the daily choices to make to either take the time to train the mind or confuse the mind with all of the distractions around us from the inside out.

Taking minimum five minutes to 15 to 30 minutes every morning to meditate and get into your breathing put your hand on your heart to harmonize the heart to the mind.

I will share more about the power of the heart that is scientifically proven is more powerful than the mind.

It also empowering to repeat this process an hour or two before going to sleep to clear the mind for healthy sleep and dreams.

Thank you each for your friendship your positive intentions your business your positive energy and the positive support that helps me to create all of this art for each of you to inspire a healthy and healthier lifestyle from the inside out.
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