Sunday, June 30, 2019

San Clemente Handshaped Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter

A new custom hand shaped surfboard for R.L.

A board for all around waves for cruising or carving.

The colors represent the four directions from the Native American Indian tradition and of life.
SoCal Surfboards by Surfer Shaper Artist
Paul Carter 2019 
This board outline has many options in size and dimensions for all ages and individual ability and needs.
Craftsman custom Surfboards by Paul Carter 2019 San Clemente
Hand shaped Surfboards by Surfer Shaper Artist
Paul Carter
This is a custom longboard for M.O with his dimensions and rockers and bottom contours.
SoCal San Clemente Surfboards by Paul Carter
New custom for Michael by Paul Carter 2019 
Handshaped since 1993 as a Surfer Shaper Artist I build and create custom boards through experience and as a craftsman I build one of kind Surfboards and art for you.

I look forward to meeting you and creating your next board,  simply call for an appointment 949-370-5807.

Thanks for your positive energy and support

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