Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The custom surfboard in 2008

I don't know about you people but when was the last time you walked into a so called surf shop and actually talked to someone who knows what there talking about and I'm not just talking long boards or short boards but everything in between.  The days of talking to a shaper in a so called surf shop are down to 2% if you believe in luck.  The difference between my surf gallery and 98% of all the surf shops is you will not be sold a board that does not fit your needs.  If you want a custom motorcycle were do you go? If you want a custom surfboard made for where you surf and how you surf than San Clemente Surfboards is a great start for a custom board for you or one off the rack.  We carry all shapes and sizes and new boards coming in every week.  Four new 9ft high performance longboards coming soon these boards are research and development boards that I have designed off of one of my personal boards.  Next up will be some 9'3 and 9' 6 performance boards.  We will be carrying all shapes and sizes from the past to the present. 
So enjoy the ride of life one day and one ride at a time.