Saturday, September 30, 2023

Custom made surfboard & art Paul Carter

A short story with Brad basham 
This board goes back a many years with my friend Brad basham, he was getting rid of some damaged blanks This was a 7’6 blank that I reshape down to a 5’10 shortboard. 
Brad and I talked and we decided he would do the glassing and the abstract tint which came out great.
I would create the freehand art without forcing it.
Abstract art sketches and shape by Paul Carter
I have known Brad since the mid 1980s and we surfed a lot of fun waves at trestles.  He was a flowing surfer and I enjoyed watching him connect the dots on some long walls up and down the different spots at trestles.

 I also enjoyed surfing with both he and his girlfriend Lynn who also surfed well. We all enjoyed many seasons and sessions together.

This is a time capsule of what was going at that time and all the thoughts and emotions as well.  

I am reminded of how important it is to stay present and enjoy the times together with friends and family. 

I thank each of you for the positive support and all the uplifting conversations and for following the creative journey. 

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I appreciate your positive energy and support it fuels the creative fire.

Custom surfboards art by Paul Carter
Keep the creative fire stoked and and remember no validation required.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

New abstract painted surfboard by #paulcarterart

A new abstract painted surfboard in the works.
This is a 9’6 by 22.7/8 I recently shaped to replace another 9’6 I have been riding through the summer.

I took a break starting in May till around the end of august.  
What I learned is the power of letting the brain and body process and reevaluate what’s important.

I was reminded of how much I was distracted on social media, and even more so the aspects of comparing one self to another and the real purpose to share.

I realize that I am grateful to have met and know most of the people on my social media platforms.

It’s very important to not compare one’s life without the need or insecurity of having to validate every aspect of it to anyone.
The video below is the new 96 that is in the Glassing stage at the moment, and I’m looking forward to riding it. 
Why make new boards for myself?
Making new boards for myself keeps the creative, healthy fire stoked with more passion and purpose.

Below is a recently completed 9 foot board with a single fin set up.
I rode this board a couple of days ago for the first time, and I am really stoked and energized the way this board paddles turns glides and nose rides.
I am consistently fine-tuning, all of my surfboards from shortboards to mid range to long boards.

New abstract printed surfboard by Paul Carter
I like the abstract painting on the Surfboards and on canvas it’s a unique one of a kind look that evolved going back to 1988 before I started shaping and creating a business of shaping and art.
I’m really stoked and excited about this board. 
It’s so important to keep the creative fire stoked. Whatever that looks like for you.
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I thank you for the thumbs up and all the positive support and positive intentions and uplifting conversations Much appreciated.
New abstract painted surfboard by Paul Carter