Thursday, January 17, 2019

Inspired art by Thomas Kinkade & Paul Carter

Acting on the inspiration when it happens fuels the fire to more and more learning by doing the work.

Here is one such spontaneous art Is inspired by the art of Thomas Kinkade.

I like the houses in the card and the bridges are awesome, so I put together my own perspective of a surf dream.

Next I will start with the first layers of paint and bring it life.

Surfboards & art by Paul Carter
Drawing dreams by Paul Carter
Keep creating and never compare yourself with anyone and always be aware of the thoughts and emotions you do and don’t want in your mind and body and life.

Learn from the past but don’t live in the past it will only keep you stuck in the past and not enjoying this awesome life now in the future.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Painting a 1960s fin by Paul Carter 12-18

A commission painting in the works on a mid to late 1960s fiberglass fin.

In the first photo is from pencil to pen drawing in the outline of the waves without the sun

Drawing waves by Paul Carter San Clemente, Ca
Custom art by Paul Carter 12-18

In this photo you see the drawing of the outline of the moon.
Darawing by Paul Carter 12-18

 The progression of paints from the 2nd to 3rd layer of paint in this unique painting called 24 hour dream.

Custom art by surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter 12-2018
Surf art on fin by Paul Carter 12-2018
-24hr Dream-
 I am putting together a short video of the painting process and you will see the beginning stages from the blank fin to the pencil drawings into the first layer of color all the way through to the palm trees and a nice clear coat to seal and protect the painting.

24hr Dream painting on fin by Pail Carter

Thank you for checking out the journey and let me know if you have any questions.

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