Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Epoxy Shortboards San Clemente Surfboards art

This is out of a us blanks in 2lb epoxy. Handshaping eps take a little slower pace especially with using the planer,the blank is beaded foam so it will tend to rip off the foam instead of skinning the blank. They are lighter and float a little higher out of the water so it's good to have a bit thinner center but more imoortantly the rails thinner. Stop in on the weekends 12-6 for your next custom surfboard and artwork. Cboards.com or pcboards on Instagram. Thanks or checking out the blog. Stay inspired.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

New Sup custom Handshaped standuppaddleboard

A birth of a new outline and the making and shaping of a 12ft stand up padldleboard. This is excellent for 1-3 ft surf and recreational and training sup.   A 5.25 in thick board this board was a work out to shape but well worth it. Custom surfboards in all shapes and sizes. Stop in on the weekends 12-6 and your comments and likes are welcome and appreciated. Subscribe for all the latest blogs and videos. Thanks for checking in, stay inspired. Cboards.com