Saturday, July 13, 2019

Dream draw create and live the lifestyle by Paul Carter

As a surfer since age 5 it’s been a journey of growth on many levels

Through the single digits of youth into the double digits of the teen years to learn by doing.

The path into manhood and continuing to break through the many layers of unhealthy conditioning is a daily focus of becoming a healthy human with confidence not ego or fear.

Growing forward with faith and taking the steps with courage from the inside out one day one wave at a time is key.

I am inspired to share my journey and the experiences I have learned and continue to learn with those that resonate with them and are open to listen and learn.   

It is very empowering to share the positive selfless energy with all ages for the future generations.

 In one foot to  
 10 foot waves,  there is a freedom in facing the fears and to continue to grow through them and have fun by being totally present in the moment with positive perceptions.

I like to draw the surfboards to get a idea and a feel for what I am after before going into the shaping room to create them.

In the first drawing of surfboards the outlines are each unique and vary in dimensions starting from nose to the center down to the tail and even the width of the actual ends of the tails themselves.
San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter
Paul Carter Surfboards & Art 7-19

The nose outlines can be changed from a round nose into a semi pointed nose and everything in between made custom for you the customer.   

Round pin tails are smooth for all around surfing,  the pin tails are for hollower waves to really stay connected to the wave.  

As you get into the thumb tails and squash tails  and into square tails, each one will release quicker out of the turns.

This is a simple overview of the many types of board designs for your surfing style.

I began writing and drawing on my personal boards in the late 80s and it has evolved even more since  started hand shaping 1993. 

The sketch below is what I create for new commissions of art and ideas.  

These custom surfboards are for surfing or to hang in a home or a business to keep the fire stoked in ones life.  

San Clemente surfer shaper artist Paul Carter surf art 7-19
San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Surfer-Shaper-Artist
Paul Carter 7-19

The boards are 100% organic in the creative process and hand shaped and hand painted freehand no tracing or computer. 

                                    Some people call me old school and I call it New school.

One must stay connected to the roots of truly Hand made and using ones left and right brain and stay in the dirt to live a healthy life of longevity.

Thank you for taking the time and reading my creative journey to the live a healthy
lifestyle by choice not chance

                                              Learning by doing is the key to be truly free.

San Clemente surfer shaper artist Paul Carter
Original Art by Surfer,Shaper,Artist Paul Carter

Join my creative tribes below and keep the positive energy and intentions growing forward for each of us on this amazing planet and always eat organic and grow organic whenever possible.

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