Saturday, March 01, 2014

Painting positive inspirational artwork Paul Carter

a positive painting on wood with keyhole and surf art
Painting by Paul Carter
I believe we hold the keys to either going forward or growing forward and I thank God for that freedom in choices.
So what do you feel are the keys to life?
 I know that the more I talk about what I love and like the more at peace I am in life. 
Every thought every word has energy,so think twice and let go of the lies and continue to renew your mind body and spirit and before you realize it you will wake up inspired more often then not. 
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New San Clemente Surfboards

a new handshaped custom for all around surfing
Hand shaped Paul Carter surfboards
Here are a couple a new customs a 7'4 and a 5'10.
The blue board is set as a 3 fin by 21.50 and the 5'10 is set up as a twin fin with a wing round pin. 
I enjoy specializing in custom hand shaped surfboards of all shapes and sizes so feel free to give me a call at 949-361-5885
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Stay stoked without the smoke,a clear mind Is a creative and peaceful mind. Stay inspired 
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