Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Custom made surfboards & art #paulcarterart

I like to document these boards for reference for new boards and designs for myself and customers.

This is a personal board that I rode a few times and really enjoyed it, is super loose and fast, you can cruise or carve the key is to find the speed spots.
This board has a new owner now and I’m stoked to pass it on and I will be making a new one here soon.

San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter

San Clemente surfboards & art Paul Carter

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Thursday, January 05, 2023

Wave painting art #paulcarterart

I like to create art often.
This is on a recycle piece of the box. I like to draw a sketch of what I’m after and then paint it.
With this painting I used to paint pens and as you can see I didn’t fill in the entire piece of cardboard, so you can see the natural tan color.
Original art wave painting by Paul Carter
We have had some light rain the last few days and already the plants and the mountains are getting much more green with many colors.

Here is a quick clip of the wave painting.  
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