Sunday, April 05, 2015

San Clemente surfboards summer quiver

San Clemente surfboards pre summer quiver fresh cut and Handshaped and after painted with a abstract design to keep the sun reflection down in the water .

From right to left a 5'9 by 20.50 and 2.25 thick for small waves waist to shoulder high maybe head high.  I left the tail a bit fuller in a squash outline for more speed through the flat sections and a quicker release in and out of the pocket turns.

Next is a 5'11 by 20 by 2.3/8 with a bit more curve in the tail for smoother carving turns in the chest to a couple feet over head surf.  With 3 speed spots cruising or power turns.

New Hand shapes by Paul Carter
New Handshapes by Paul Carter
The last board is a 6'4 by 19.75 by 2.3/8 this is for head to double overhead surf with a rounded tail to stick in the fuller waves and the hollow waves.

San Clemente Surfboards & Art
These boards have a relaxed rocker and a concave 3/4 concave bottom into flat to a slight vee to flat off the tail to maintain the speed through the turns.

Thanks for checking out the latest blog journal let me know if you have any questions and about these boards or your next custom hand shaped board email or 949-370-5807 stay stoked and inspired.

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