Saturday, September 01, 2012

New Surfboards in San Clemente

A couple new hand shaped boards one for Mike G 9ft and one for the shaper PC 9ft.
These are high performance nose riders. Give us a call or stop by on the weekend and talk with the shaper directly. 949-361-5885 for your next custom any shape or size,
A couple of high performance longboards. both 22 to 22.25 wide. 2+1 set up
Custom Handshaped by Paul Carter
Check out
This is a R/D day down at trestles a 6ft a bit fuller for waist to head high waves.
Shortboards by Paul Carter
Bike by

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Custom Surfboards in San Clemente

This is the latest custom hand shaped creation for Jeremy C, A 5'10 by 19 made for hollow surf and the speed of reef and point breaks in the chest to overhead surf.
Give us a call or email for your next custom surfboards. All shapes and size proudly hand made in the USA.
949-361-5885 or
this is a 5'10 by 19'25

Tropical Sunset in San Clemente

This was yesterday's sunset with a tropical look and feel.
Enjoy a sunset every chance you get.
a tropical sunset in san clemente
Tropical Sunset in San Clemente

Monday, August 27, 2012

New pencil eye drawing

Inspired to keep drawing the eyes. This is one of two eyes with pencil. New art in the works. Give us a call for your custom art or surfboards. or 949-361-5885

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Winner of the Paul Carter Surfboard

This was a custom handshaped surfboard for the there end of summer party. It's a honor to carry on the tradition from The craftsmen Terry Martin who shaped the boards for the camp the last 8-9 years. If your looking for a functional fun surfboards give Paul a shot for your next custom. All boards are hand shaped and proudly made in the USA

Surfboard from San Clemente

This is a custom hand shaped and painted 3 stringer. After 5 years of art shows and hanging in restaurants we finally got aquatinted in the waves. If your looking for a short new custom give us a call or stop on the weekends. 949-361-5885 or
A 9'6 with 3 stringers in the waves. Hand painted and shaped out of a Clark Foam blank
3 stringer waves