Thursday, November 01, 2007

San Clemente Art Fair First Sunday

Today was a great day to go to the drag races. It was my first time seeing the funny cars and the top fuel cars some at 300 to 320mpg. The power is so strong it vibrates your body. Tomorrow will be the art fair and i will be set up in front of a store named bliss. There is a farmers market as well to get some good food. So enjoy your Sunday and don't forget to change your clocks.

The Soul of Surfing Through Life

Why do YOU surf?
Think about it people WHY.
and what is it that makes you get in the
water year around in all types of waves and conditions. For me surfing is like meditating. It's a spiritual energy that is not very easy to describe. Surfing has kept me balanced in my life for many years and many more to come one day at a time. I enjoy shaping and riding my own boards because it keeps me even more in contact with the art of riding waves through life.
So as the saying goes in shaping measure twice and cut once. The same goes for speaking your mind. Much more to follow from art of shaping to the art of surfing.

Staying Balanced with Surfing and Shaping and Life

Its all about balance and you know what no one is going to balance your life for you but YOU.
Like surfing which takes alot of balance life takes much more. Like surfing life is all about riding the waves and letting the board do the work. When one breaks free from the negative habbits and patterns the rides improve with each wave.
So today what habits and patterns are you going to break in order to be happier healtheir and wealtheir?
Coming up next the start of a whole range of surfboards for all types of waves.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Journey of Surfing and Shaping

I was very fortunate to learn from steve bahne the basics of shaping. He is a master shaper that can shape any size board out there. in summer of 1995 I was shaping all kinds of boards for people of all ages. I have met some very interesting people all around the world from france to Japan and many places in between. For one summer I worked with Mark Johnson shaping hobie surfboards. It was a busy summer and i shaped and signed 80 boards for hobies that summer which I believe was the summer of 1999. Stay tuned for the step in my latter of life.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carrying on the hand shaped surfboard tradition

Starting with infinity surfboards in 1993 under the guidence of Steve Bahne,  I shaped 115 surfboards.

From there I went out on my own journey of surfing and shaping boards and learning how every change effects the board. I have been influensed by shapers such as Terry Martin, Midget Smith, Timmy Patterson, Brian Bulkley.

In the summer of 2000 I was stoked to shape some surfboards for Hobie Surfboards, I shaped 85 Surfboards. I ride many different shapes and sizes from 6ft fishes, twins, to quads and three fins and four fins.

Riding so many different boards keeps me stoked and energized on the different waves from beach breaks to reefs and the many point break waves I have been very fortunate to grow up surfing.
Paul Carter photo by M Chavez 

    San Clemente Surfer Shaper Artist Paul Carter
    Paul Carter photo by M Chavez

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