Saturday, November 10, 2007


riding the next wave on this day

So the question today is are you going to paddle back out and patiently wait your turn for a wave or are you going to play the victim role and blame the world for your choices. Today we all have another day to make a difference in your own life and better yet someone Else's life. When one lets goes of ego then life begins to flow and more importantly grow forward.
So make a difference people and think twice and speak and act once and make it positive because I believe we get what we give.
Enjoy the rides of life today.

Friday, November 09, 2007

sufing the waves through life

We had some great waves this week I hope everyone caught some good ones.
My thought today is after talking with different surfers on the beaches is this.
It is not the boards but the riders. If you ride a surfboard no matter the size you are a surfer period. There is no difference in the boards other than the way the ride. Once again I'm reminded of how attitude is everything if you ride a long board than show some respect and don't be a hog on a log. If you ride short boards and everything in between don't be a snake and paddle around someone who has been patiently waiting for the next wave. Remember it's not the board but the riders that determine the rides through life. So next time your surfing take a minute to realize what an amazing gift we all have to enjoy.
Don't forget to breath and last we all get what we give. More to come so enjoy this day one ride at a time.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Casa Romantica - November 15th. 5:45 PM

Do not forget the repeat event at the Casa on November 15th.
We expect to have a large crowd as it is open to the public, as the first one was for Chamber members.Thanks so very much and look forward to seeing you on the 15th at 5:45 at the beautiful casa romantica over looking san clemente pier. You will be able to have many of the artist sign your book. Books will be available to purchase.

Surfing, Shaping and Art

It has been four years now that I have been part of the SC art fair on Del Mar street. It's great to see so many different vendors out showing there products. To be part of the art fair really gives me a feel on the town let alone all of the people from locals to tourist just visiting. Today's thought is what can I change to improve my life. What do you think people?