Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Tropical painted surf dream by Paul Carter

Custom painted surfboards in SoCal by a professional Surfer•Shaper•Artist since 1993.

The first board is painted on a shortboard wood outline measured the same way as hand shaped polyurethane Blank would be.

A tropical island surf dream from traveling to the islands of Hawaii and experiencing the lush beauty of Kauai.

This second surfboard was one of my personal surfboards a 6’3 by 20.50 by 2.3/8 thick.

A really fun, fast and maneuverable board with a little more curve and width for that extra planing and paddling speed.

Look closely at the painting and you will see the original abstract painting underneath the existing painting.

Board is on display on Del Mar street in San Clemente, Ca, at a business called Abode, it is currently available as I write this👍🏾

Custom surfboards & art by Paul Carter

This third board was Commission by Dietrich coffeehouse and was hanging in there Malibu store for about four years before they sold to Starbucks.

A hand shaped and hand-painted 9 foot board which was sold to an individual who actually rode the board for about a year. 

When shaping these boards it is my intention that they are real functional surfboard to be surfed on.

A few years later the individual contacted me and was looking for a shorter board.

The bottom of the board had a few dings and scratches which were patched, the top is in really good shape.

I had it sanded and I highlighted some of the parts of the painting and had it re-glossed and polished, and it looks awesome.

The board is at Bashams and currently available for the time being. 

The store is in San Clemente California at 209 calle de Los molinos.

Stop in and check it out it’s a beautiful piece that will light up your home or business.

Original art surfboards by Paul Carter
Thanks for checking out the journey.

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