Sunday, March 29, 2009

San Clemente Art & Surfboards by Paul Carter

Just a reminder to everyone that we manufacture our own surfboards which are shaped and made in the USA. Our prices are much lower the most stores because we manufacture our own surfboards. The only other store that is in the same ball park is Becker's. So if your wandering and wondering around looking for a board for you and your ability stop in and see what we have in stock or Paul will talk to you personally about what your after. We build functional surfboards for all levels of surfing and surfers.  Surfboards made by a surfer who surfs on everything.

Yan and Pauls tropical dream

this is a combination painting with my good friend Yan he painted the outside of the eye area with cement trawls only.  We both started painted at the same time which was 2001 and this is the first collaboration we have done together.  Also the first collaboration i have done with any artist period.  

Save the planet save gas

This goes out to all the people that like to hurry up and stop at the next light or stop sign. Save the planet save gas,slow down and you will do just that. If you take the time to stop into San Clemente Surfboards & Art and you are a fellow shaper surfer or shop owner leave your ego at the door and come in and introduce yourself and be thankful you get to live in this country let alone in orange county. Just for the record I personaly refer many  people to many business in and out of town. So if you want to save the planet slow down talk less and drive slower and save the planet. When ego is lost limit is lost. So be thankful for all you have and remember what we think and feel and say becomes real so next time you start to say something negative about another think twice and breath and let go of ego and be happy. I thank each and every past and present customer i appreciate the support. See you at the gallery or in the water.