Sunday, April 28, 2024

Custom Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter

Custom made Surfboards and Art since 1993 by Surfer-Shaper-Artist Paul Carter.

Here is a 9’6 I recently had a test ride on it.  I am really happy with it at 23 wide 15 1/2 tail by 2 3/4 thick.  It glides, and it turns when I want it to.
This board ways around 18 maybe 19 pounds 6oz on the bottom, six and four on the top.

Paul Carter Surfboards & art
For all those that are stuck in the left brain analytical perfectionist, ego. side , yes I know the nose is cut off and part of me wanted to delete it. 

My right brain said no it’s Art. It’s creativity its freedom leave it..

San Clemente Surfboards & Art by Paul Carter
This is a 9’1 that I’ve been riding for the last few months works great and waist high to overhead surf. This weighs around 16 1/2 to 17 pounds.

Riding mid range or longer boards is a training and a continual learning process of letting the board do the work.   

Getting back on shorter boards I like to keep the same flow state. 

Thanks for following the journey. 

Join me on Instagram or YouTube at paulcarterart. Have an awesome day.

Sanclementesurfboards by PaulCarter


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