Wednesday, June 19, 2024

San Clemente surfboards & art dreams by Paul Carter

The empowering life of simplicity
Each of you will go to your own past perceptions with that title.
The key is will it be positive or negative in your mind.

When I say the word simplicity I go to a healthy lifestyle with healthy priorities. 

A life not a slave to the negative conditioning or the maintenance of stuff whatever that may be for you.

There is no hack or quick fix or any amount of money or things that will truly make one happy, until you, me and we , learn how to self regulate the mind and body out of the stress mode that most people are in.

Until  one learns how to breathe properly and what nose and mouth breathing does to the mind and body than you will always be on the Merry, go round of life running on adrenaline/cortisol never letting the mind and body relax, release and recharge and truly be present.

Original art by Paul Carter
This is a n original freehand 11 x 14 painting that is currently hanging in the Beach Fire restaurant on Delmar Street in San Clemente California.

Art work at the beach fire san Clemente
This original freehand painting is named 
(find your mission in life)
I was inspired by the mission in San Juan Capistrano with my own interpretation of a dream lifestyle, 

Original art by Paul Carter
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