Monday, July 08, 2024

San Clemente surfboards & art by Paul Carter

Custom made Surfboards and Art since 1993 by a Surfer shaper artist.
(Experience is priceless)
Specializing in Custom Surfboards, for the individual not the latest trends.

surfboards are very similar to cars not everyone knows how to drive a Ferrari, Porsche or a a van, let alone a stick shift.

The point is one can order the latest trends of con-caves, and rockers and rails and wide tails to the thicknesses but unless you know what each of those do you’re wasting your money and time

Building a business grassroots style takes time, and as a surfer I have learned and continue to do so, on what each board will do from short, medium and long boards it takes thousands of hours and many years.

There’s a difference between ego and confidence, and I will not sell a surfboard to anyone just to make a dollar.

I make a living at shaping surfboards and art, and a health guide.   I have built  a solid foundation of friends and clients all built on trust.

Custom made surfboards & art by Paul Carter
This is my new 9’1 and I’m about 8 sessions into the journey and I’m very happy with the glide and the speed and the turning options.

I adjust the fin depending on the wave size.  

It’s the best of both worlds, classic, cruising, and performance carving turns when the waves are permitting.  

I began painting my boards in the late 80s with abstract colors before I started shaping.

The art evolved over the years into part of what you see on this board.

All color options are available from resin tints to an opaque to Airbrushing.

I like to put positive words and reminders on my boards and is requested by the clients for the simple reasons of staying present focused on the good, breathe in the moment,  all the good reminders when you’re in the lineup waiting for the next set of waves.

Abstract art surfboard by Paul Carter
I’m grateful for each and everyone of you and thank you for the support and positive intentions and all the empowering conversation.

I’m proud and grateful to say 85 to 90% of all the people on Instagram that follow the journey,  I have met personally and some I know more than others. Thank you each..

Custom made Surfboards and Art by Paul Carter
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Remember, no validation required. Stay in your lane. Don’t compare, have healthy boundaries and keep paddling out.