Saturday, December 01, 2007

the surfing tribes of this planet earth

We all have our own journey to walk and the surfers from the past to the present have all walk there own paths. We have lost many tribe members from the duke, velzy,dora, to Les Williams,peterson,drummand,frank and eric hopps,harrison, EJ to foo and corb,sunn. There are so many that have have left an imprint and there spirit never dies.Today I remember Travis northy and corb both very unique individuals and will be missed in many ways. I'm thankful to have known and surfed and have learned something from each one and many others that are no longer present in the physical realm but alive in the spirit. Blessing to all of the families and friends and to all of the tribe members around the world. We are all connected and like the native Indians from the past to present it is up to all of us to give positive energy to each other and to protect this planet we live on.
Enjoy this day and be grateful and thankful today not tomarrow. We can only live one day at a time.

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