Monday, March 23, 2009

The Surfboard is what makes the Surfshop

So what  makes the surf clothing industry become a billion dollar business. Of course marketing or is it conditioning. I believe the surfboard always comes first because the surfboard creates the surfing life of the surfer today. The one thing that separates any so called surf shop is the surfboard. Go into 90 to 95% of any surf shop around the world what is the one thing most of them have in common? The one thing most of them have in common is they all carry 2 to 5 of all the same name brand surfboards and clothing companies. The shops that manufacture there own name brand surfboards and clothing are the real surf shops which are becoming a lost art and a dying breed.  If your only looking for a good deal that's one thing but isn't the quality and the function of the surfboard even more important? If your looking for functional surfboards that work and more importantly shaped by a surfer who surfs everything let alone rides everything then look no further and stop in and check a surfboard gallery that is carrying on the tradition of the past into the present surfers of today. Thank you for your support and thank you for choosing surfboards shaped by a surfer.

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