Friday, April 17, 2020

Positive thoughts for life

A recent mountain bike ride that reminded me of the importance of choosing a path or trail and take the steps or keep peddling.

This is a very unique time in history with the closing of businesses and beaches and to stay at home.

I have been thinking how can I help people during this time and even before this time and yes into the future???

What can I share with positive intentions that will inspire people to learn to know thyself more and more and stop looking for validation or what others may think.

I have lived a lot of my life with these thoughts of comparing to approval,  self worth and self esteem and I know I have been held back from embracing my full creativity and passion and purpose because of it.

So here we are 4-17-2020 and as I type these words I know that it’s time to share my passion and creativity with the positive intention and purpose to help you grow as I grow with a whole new confidents to live a healthy life and healthier lifestyle.

Inspired by God Paul Carter
The journey of life by Paul Carter 4-2020

This video is a timeless time capsule I recently watched and it reminded me how learning by doing is a choose the only way to keep growing forward from the inside out. 

To Be Continued

Thank you for checking in and I really appreciate each of you for your positive support and intentions.

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