Thursday, June 08, 2023

New custom art painting by Paul Carter

Positiv tribe. Thank you so much for checking in on the latest Inspired Creative Lifestyle.

I often think about the way the native Indians lived in this area and throughout the United States.

Each member of the tribe has their specialties or work that is necessary for the whole of the tribe.

The first painting is a combination of the parts of my travels around the world, with my perception perspective of the life I would like to live.
Imagine a time before the Internet before cell phones before cars before electricity.

There are those that are living off of the land, both native, and people of all walks of life that are living, a simple, minimal healthy lifestyle, which I have much respect for.
This painting is the first process I’ve laying all of the ideas out, adding the sky and the ocean colors And the islands.

This is using paint pens on a 11 x 14 canvas board.

Custom artwork by Paul Carter

This is the completed painting, laying on top of an authentic Navajo rug given to me by a good friend.

This is the completed painting, laying on top of a authentic Navajo rug given to me by a good friend.

The shelters are made from the trees as are the teepees from the animals. Everything is used and prayed over with gratitude and thankfulness.

Imagine living off of the land and having to migrate through the seasons, depending on where you lived on the planet.

So with that in mind, the tribe and each individual had to carry what they could from one place to another.

The migrations might be 3 miles to 10 to 20 to 30 miles apart.

Custom original art painting by Paul Carter
Yeah, a couple of hand-painted fans recently sold and now hanging on the wall in a home, thanks guys. 
Custom painted surfboard fins by Paul Carter

 Here’s another inspired painting of the native lifestyle.

I am asked I about painting waves, and in the meaning behind them.

Waves remind me of change. The change of the seasons, the change of ones old conditioning, that no longer serves one self in a positive way.
The waves of change is why I titled the first and second edition coloring books that happen on a daily basis.

To be continued I have a great day keep the creative fire stoked and remember no validation required.

Ustinov made art painting by Paul Carter

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