Saturday, March 01, 2008

Time line of San Clemente Surfboards

It's January 2001 and inspired to paint in many ways. I continue to shape boards and keep the shop running along with an account in japan for custom boards. It was a busy time to say the least. Time rolls and summer is coming and the energy is getting stronger with painting and custom surfboards. I grow through the summer and kept it balanced by surfing some great days at lowers. Things are moving and i'm getting into painting and i'm motivated by my friend mark with lt litho to do some prints. So the first painting to go to print is indo=sumatra. The first runs was 50 eleven by 14 signed and numbered. I was stoked to see the process of painting to printing. Fast forword to 2003 i'm up to my eight or ten paintings now. ========= Stay tuned for chapter 5. The surf gallery is open now wed through sunday eleven thirty to six. Enjoy the ride.

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