Saturday, August 23, 2008

san Clemente Surfboards & Art summer of 2008

Time flies when the waves are fun and the water and weather is warm. I'm stoked to be back and carry on the roots from the past surfers and shapers and artist. Thank you to each and every individual who has supported San Clemente Surfboards & Art through surfboards, tee shirts, art etc. With all of the positive energy and support I stay motivated to keep creating. Life is very short and I'm reminded each day to enjoy the moment and pace myself. Life is not a sprint but a marathon one day at a time. I'm a believer that what we think and feel becomes real and we get what we give. With that being said don't play the victim roll in life instead break the negative cycles we all have and turn them into positive cycles. The more we do that the happier life is. If something doesn't feel good then don't do it. As I like to say enjoy the ride of life today not tomorrow. In closing respect everyone and everything in and out of the water.  Please pick up your trash and respect the earth.

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